A walker’s story: Thursday

Photo Courtesy of GT Humans vs Zombies

A very bland day if I do say so myself. It seems that no human is man enough to brave the outside world of the better species. Early in the morning, I had taken to the streets for a crisp walk around our beautiful green. Lo and behold I spotted one human. To my extreme distaste, this silly creature started sprinting away, quickly entering the Student Center and ruining my chance for a most delicious meal.

Depressed by the lack of nutrition, I returned home. On my way back however, I was spotted by some ruffian meatbags. Oh the embarrassment as they approached, for I was a sole warrior being ganged upon by these monkeys, and I was in no mood for a fight. I left them to their own devices as they hit me with one of their atrocious socks. Such are barbarians though, relying on smelly bodily wear and fluffy foodstuffs for weapons. It seems absurd that these creatures would consider themselves them top of the food chain. They are simply savages and beasts and I shudder in remembrance of my past status as a human. I am set at ease knowing that I can now include myself in the new evolutionary step. The superior being. But I digress. Hopefully tonight’s mission will be more eventful for my readers. I do salivate in the anticipation of a new meal.