A walker’s story: Friday

Photo Courtesy of GT Humans vs Zombies

Glorious! Wondrous! Victorious! The intelligent zombies have once again shown the stubborn humans their place. The night mission on Thursday was an incredible success. Given little to no information, we, the superior race, still managed to defeat the heart-beaters. Using wit and strength, we forced the humans away from their objectives, the gnomes. By doing so, we obtained the favor of Garl Glittergold, god of gnomes. Wondering why all of the past missions have dealt with pleasing gods? So were we. But it was all illuminated the next morning. The gods would decide the survival of the humans and the zombies, but we needed to please them.

Another mission was held, to win glory for the wonderful Blood God. A wicked game of capture the flag, the humans could not deny us our destiny of victory. Humans fell, and I even assisted in the killing of a high-value target upon which we feasted. The rest of the day was spent collecting HvZ dollars, the only currency that the gods would appreciate, and giving bribes to secure our position as the dominant species above humans. There were rumors of a treasure hidden in BioTech quad, a sum of one million dollars. However, this treasure was too well concealed, and not even dozens of keen zombie eyes could spot it. But no matter! The gods have surely decided that zombies will be successful and the humans can only sit back and wait for their demise.

There is only one step left before the final showdown. The mission tonight must be completed and then humanity will have no chance before the horde. It is almost over, indeed, and once again, the fleshbags will meet their fate.