A walker’s story: Wednesday

Photo Courtesy of GT Humans vs Zombies

Welcome my lovelies to the all-new story. No more of that utter nonsense known as surviving; I am Z, the ever so lovely, recently-turned zombie. I was liberated last night and I must say I have never felt better. No more scurrying around like rats and surely no more being led to the slaughter like lambs. I am a free thinker, euphoric in my desires. And I desire human death. My mission isn’t cruel, no. I am only trying to help out my soon-to-be comrades. It is a quest for justice, not blood. Tasty brains are just an added delight.

My Wednesday started with a glorious mission constructing a tribute to bring happiness to our lords. A delightful success, we terrorized the silly apes into submission. Our structure towering over theirs, we cleared the morning mission with ease. I then journeyed to the CULC for a tidbit of liberating. And liberate I did. An unsuspecting human began walking out, seemingly prepared. He forgot to check his posterior. But it is all for the best, another brother for the horde.

Stomach filled, I rested a bit longer until it was feeding time again. It was then another mission started. We were ordered to provide our gods with a key to gain favor. This key, unknown to us, was given to the feeding bags. Our lord commanded us with stellar accuracy, sending scouts and attack troops to rout the human advance. And rout we did. We turned several new brothers and sisters and with their valued information, our enlightened army found the key, completed the mission and gained even more followers. Yes, it was a glorious day. The humans are cowering inside, and we “zombies” have taken control of Tech campus. With our current progress, it is only a matter of time before our lord prevails. Glory unto the horde of enlightened.