A survivor’s story: Tuesday

Photo Courtesy of GT Humans vs Zombies

Holed up in Klaus, with raging zombies outside. The human-hunting has grown harsher. While yesterday I could avoid Zed on my walk to class, today I have not had peace or rest.

This morning, I sleepily left my bed to attend to the first mission of the week. My drowsiness was broken by the stamping footsteps of the zombie next door, my own friend. A quick, quite lucky sock toss prevented this “friend” from turning me as we tumbled to the ground.

Remember my fellow survivors, a sock to the backpack is still a stun.

Admitting defeat, this zombie buddy of mine slinked away, and I continued my quest to the BMED quad. There I grouped with three other survivors as we traveled to Skiles, then to the walkway to complete our mission. We met up with another survivor group, totaling our headcount at fifteen. It was then that we saw the zombie horde trekking up towards the Student Center, carrying the key to our mission, a cardboard relic that we humans had to take selfies with. Our army gave chase, and the zombies fell stunned at our power.

After grabbing our dashing photographs, I went with a group to Van Leer for class. Following class, I made a solo trip to Klaus where I found the same zombies from before camping, waiting to pick off unfortunate survivors. All five rushed to me. I rushed to the door. Adrenaline pumping, I barely made it into the building while the zombies flashed me a patronizing smile. A smile that said, “There’s no escape.”

I fear what will come next. This whole day, I’ve seen my allies drop, and others being chased around to no end. And the day is only Tuesday. There are four more days left and the massacre is only beginning.