A survivor’s story: Monday

Photo Courtesy of GT Humans vs Zombies

I dedicate this to my fellow humans. Do not fear the growing zombie horde. They may be more than one hundred strong, but we have an army of three hundred, all imbued with the will to live. I myself have found my own will standing strong. The zombies are no match for us.

Today, my own academic adventures took me without incidence around campus, finally ending in the CULC. Caution to all survivors, the middle of campus is the most dangerous area. However, it is there that I joined fellow humans in terrorizing zombies and securing safe routes for survivors to travel. With a group of six others, I took to the streets. Our mission: to secure paths of return for our group of survivors. One group marched to North Ave; it seems they made it. I led the second group, a gang of two plus me, venturing into the zombie-infested Skiles. There we played a demented game of hide-and-seek with a blundering group of zombies and successfully rescued a fellow survivor.

Now a group of four, we felt secure in a trek to west campus for the haven of my own dorm. Our path was not without incident, for we did come across another set of three zombies. Four on three are never good odds when zombies are in the mix, but my companions and I dispatched them with haste. Finally, I was dropped off in my own dorm, with my three brothers travelling together to their own dorm. An eventful day, today will cement itself as a hard-fought battle for humans. Though our numbers may be falling, our spirits stand tall. Tomorrow will be a new day as us humans will begin to mount our resistance to the zombie horde.