Battle inspires tradition of dorm competition

Photo by Michael James

Every year since 2007, the illustrious and archaic dormitories Glenn and Towers have competed in a total of sixteen events over one week, in a tradition they call “Battle for the Quad.” Some of these events are grueling, such as FIFA and League of Legends tournaments, while others go back to the classics, such as dodge ball, volleyball and football. And even though these two old dorm halls are being demolished over the next two years, the spirit of competitiveness and teamwork will live on. Recently, the Technique got the chance to talk with a few of the residents of these two dorms about this year’s competitions, which kicked off at the beginning of April.

It fostered my bonding with my hall mates, forming a new camaraderie

“It was a great final event of the series,” said Michael Jones, Glenn Residence Hall Director. “This year, we added a philanthropy piece in the form of a penny war between the two buildings to support the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.”

Historically, the Knights of Towers have reigned supreme over the Glenn Goat Men. However, this year, Glenn took the final throne, winning nine of the events. This rounded out the series to 4-3 after all the events were held.

“It fostered my bonding with my hall mates, forming a new camaraderie,” said a current Glenn resident. Students from their respective halls signed up for different events over the course of the week. Events were scheduled all over campus, including utilizing the Sac Fields next to the CRC.

During this year’s battle, Towers took a 3-1 lead the first day, winning in basketball, dodge ball and League of Legends while Glenn took volleyball. Glenn finished 2-1, winning in bowling and ping pong, while losing in billiards. After taking a day break from the action, the well-rested teams stuck it out on the field, this time contending in football, soccer and ultimate frisbee. In a day of blowouts, Towers took ultimate and Glenn tied the total points by winning in soccer and football at five apiece. Heading into the final day with five last events to seal the deal, the tournament was brought back inside for intense video gaming. With the new addition of FIFA, these gamers also dueled it out in Halo, Call of Duty and Super Smash Bros. The gentlemen of Glenn struck an impressive 4-0, clinching a decisive victory for the Battle of the Quad, only losing in the penny drive to Towers on the final day.

Glenn and Towers will definitely hold a place on campus for a long time to come

“It was a great experience for everyone,” said Vaibhav Gupta, a Peer Leader in Glenn Hall, “and the guys in Towers were great competition and kept it classy.”

Despite the competitiveness between these historic residence halls, the battle ended with a pleasant get-together party celebrating the friendship built between these two over the years. Although new renovations are coming in the future, Glenn and Towers will definitely hold a place on campus for a long time to come.