Canadian electo-band lights up Atlanta

Photo Courtesy of Dragonette

Dragonette, the Canadian electronic music band composed of Martina Sorbara (vocalist) and Dan Kurtz (bassist and producer) has earned positive recognition in the indie/electric genre all over the world. On Friday, March 8, Dragonette took the stage as the opening act for Major Lazer at the Masquerarde. With bright neon lights focusing in and out and crazy backdrops thrown everywhere, Dragonette’s performance was a visual masterpiece. With such a short set,
Dragonette’s main focus seemed to be getting the crowd pumped up for the main act, Major Lazer. They did a fantastic job of that; every song they performed was just exciting enough.

During the beginning of the set, however, the crowd still seemed unsure of who Dragonette even was. That all changed when their most famous track, “Hello” came on. As the crowd sang along, the whole venue was electrified with cheers and excitement.

Dragonette’s performance mostly consisted of tracks from their new album, Bodyparts, which was just released in 2012, but they also added hit tracks from their previous albums, Galore and Fixin to Thrill, in the set. Beginning with the insanely catchy “I Get Around” and ending with the even more catchy “Let It Go,” Dragonette was consistent throughout the performance in terms of pumping up the crowd.

Furthermore, over the course of their stage time, the band proved themselves to be both personable and comfortable in their relationship with the audience. Halfway through the set, Sorbara announced that they were from Canada, which brought a ton of positive buzz throughout the venue. With such simple, casual banter, the vocalist engaged the audience in a very refreshing and natural manner.

Sorbara’s high-pitched but soothing voice was the perfect complement to the electric beats wallowing throughout. Closing their performance with “Rocket Ship,” Dragonette gave the crowd a grand finale which transitioned into getting the crowd hyped up for the Major Lazer’s upcoming performance. Overall, with a unique, retro-electric sound, Dragonette was an awesome band to see live and they are sure to be around the music scene for upcoming years.