Atlas returns to the Tabernacle

Photo by Anika Reza

While couples were out celebrating this past Valentine’s Day, music lovers romanced the night away with sweet music at the Tabernacle for the Night Visions Tour; headlining the show was Imagine Dragons with openers Nico Vega and Atlas Genius.

The Australian band Atlas Genius quickly became known on an international scale after its debut EP Through the Glass, and recently has released its first full-length album When It Was Now. The single “Symptoms” is currently the iTunes Single of the Week, and is available for free download. The band itself consists of the Jeffrey brothers, with Keith Jeffery as lead singer and guitarist, Michael on drums and Steven on bass guitar, along with their friend Darren Sell on keyboard.

The band started off only writing music, and did not perform any of their original work until three years after they formed.

They started off only writing music, and did not perform any of their original work until three years after the band formed. Those first few years were also dedicated to the construction of their personal music studio. Their music can be classified as indie rock with electronic elements, much of which draws influence from bands like the Beatles, the Police and the Rolling Stones.

Photo by Anika Reza
Photo by Anika Reza

This particular concert marks the second time Atlas Genius has toured in the United States, having previously toured in early 2012. It did not take long for tickets to sell out for almost all of the shows, a testament to the popularity and expansive fan base that each band holds. Atlas Genius brings a fantastic performance with them, featuring new songs such as “If So” and “Through the Glass.” Fans learned songs like “Electric” right away, and soon started to sing along with the upbeat keyboard riffs and the chorus of “ah-OH’s.” When the band performed their single “Trojans” from their EP, it did not take long for the masses to exuberantly start singing along.

The band had a way of making the crowd stand on their toes.

The atmosphere of the performance was spontaneous, changing on a whim from tranquil sounds to groovy beats that would make anyone want to dance. The Tabernacle provided a setting that was suitable for the sound Atlas Genius brought to the stage. The former church’s psychedelic interior complemented the vibrant tones that were served to the venue.

As for Atlas Genius’s stage presence, there were moments that made this performance stand out against other bands of their kind. The band had a way of making the crowd stand on their toes, and building their different sounds into songs. This started with bass and eventually led to the members playing their hearts out to the crowd as the colored lights showered over them.

On the whole, there was a real, tangible connection between the band and the thronging crowd. Keith caused the crowd to tense in anticipation as he walked up to and teetered at the edge of the stage, only to jump off and perform around the frenzied, welcoming crowd.

Between songs, Atlas Genius displayed their charm as they talked to the onlookers about themselves and the music. All the members could not help but grin at the enthusiasm that the full house brought, and the audience could not help but jump around to the transcendent beats.

The members of Atlas Genius have already proven themselves as musicians. They will likely continue to grow as rising stars in indie rock if they consistently deliver such powerful concerts that connect with their fans. The next few years will be fun to see how they continue to grow in the music scene.