Icona Pop delivers

Photo courtesy of Record Company TEN

Swedish duo Icona Pop is a new up-and-coming electro house and synthpop DJ. The duo is comprised of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, who joined forces in 2010 to form Icona Pop. The band was initially based in London and signed a deal with Ten Records in 2009, but is now based in its hometown in Sweden. Their music is primarily synthpop, with traces of punk, indie pop and electro house.

The duo has been rapidly gaining influence both in Sweden and around the world, with its latest track “I Love It,” featuring Charli XCX, topping charts everywhere and being played by other famous DJs such as Swedish House Mafia, Nari and Milani and Avicii at concerts and in remixes. The track currently has over six million hits on YouTube, peaked at number 2 on the Swedish Singles Chart and at number 21 on the US iTunes Dance Charts. Rolling Stone magazine rated the track as 35th best of 2012. Additionally, “I Love It” has served as the theme song for Snooki and JWoww on The Jersey Shore and is featured as part of the soundtrack for the 2012 racing game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It has been remixed and extended by various well-known artists such as Nari and Milani, Disfunktion and Cobra Starship. Icona Pop’s most rapid recognition has been in North America, but their reception in Sweden has been more competitive because of pre-existing pop bands. The duo says that this is hardly a worry and are confident that they will continue gaining popularity. Jawo and Hjelt have promised to keep their music fresh and lively for their fans.

Icona Pop toured the US with Marina and the Diamonds in December 2012 and will soon begin working on their new album, due out in 2013. The DJs have also participated in numerous music festivals around the world, including electro music festival Summerburst at Gothenburg, Sweden.

Pop music has been dubbed as a lost art and has often been combined with other genres, but Icona Pop has recognized that pop itself is important. They like to describe their music as “bittersweet” – a mix of happiness, lust and sadness. Their work is focused on a younger audience, and the song lyrics are primarily based on freedom, partying and having a ‘don’t care’ attitude towards life. The duo has frequently expressed their love for parties and fun, and this love is directly conveyed through their lyrics and tunes.

They released their second single “Ready for the Weekend” on Sept. 11, 2012. Both “I Love It” and “Ready for the Weekend” are featured in the extended play released on Oct. 16, 2012. Several Swedish producers and DJs have pitted this duo to rise up in the pop and electro rankings and continue to release successful albums over the next few years. They are sure to rise to the occasion and deliver some wonderful tracks in the near future. pop and electro fans should stay on the lookout for their upcoming releases.