A Guide to CounterPoint Music Festival

Coming up in two weekends is CounterPoint Festival, a first-of-its-kind electronic music festival. It will take place on Sept. 28, 29 and 30 in Fairburn, Ga., 30 miles southwest of Tech. Featuring a line-up of some of the biggest electronic music artists of today, CounterPoint has exceeded expectations for a first-time show during the run up to the festival.

Big names on the line-up include Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Avicii, Steve Angello and Bassnectar. This is prompting fans from all over Georgia, and even neighboring states, to come witness the spectacle. In addition to the music, the festival boasts art exhibitions and screens showing football games, not to mention numerous food and drink stalls to add to the entertainment. Tickets are available either as single day passes for $89, or three day passes for $185.

“This is the first festival of its kind in Atlanta. With local restaurants, food trucks, craft brews and artists on top of the great line up of Atlanta’s own musicians, this festival will showcase the city and culture that is unique to this area. Plus, the land is one of the most beautiful pieces of property you have ever seen,” said Head of PR Chad Shearer.

The show will likely please concert-goers, but patrons have options available to expand their experience at the event. Shearer suggests camping on the grounds at the location of the festival if possible. Tickets can be purchased with a camping pass, and VIP camping options are also available.

For those who cannot camp overnight, CounterPoint will offer a shuttle service from the Sheraton hotel in downtown Atlanta. If festival-goers prefer to drive, day parking is free, and official rideshares are  available. For more information on transportation, visit www.couterpointfestival.com

The electronic music scene has picked up in the United States after its initial spread overseas. Ultra Music Festival in Miami has been a smash hit among fans for the past few years and has featured some of the greatest names in electronic dance music.

CounterPoint will host groups such as this while also giving a chance for local performers to showcase their talent. This is an attempt to allow younger groups to expand their fan base.

The festival has four stages for the event – Point Stage, CounterPoint Stage, Beat Tent and Backbeat Tent. The bigger name artists will be featured on the CounterPoint and Point Stages.

Even for those who are not fans of electronic dance music, the experience of attending the music festival is unique.

In addition to the predominantly electronic lineup, several performers set to play are from other genre. Hip-hop, dubstep and pop artists will be featured, including Excision, MiMOSA and Audrey Napoleon.

“This is just the start of what our plans are for CounterPoint. You can expect to see us here for years to come,” Shearer said.

More details can be found on the website www.counterpointfestival.com.