Batman keeps genre grounded

After the massive success of 2008’s The Dark Knight the hype of the second sequel has not let down since. In a press conference with the actors, directors and producers of The Dark Knight Rises (opening today), phrases such as “the movie sets a standard” and “an epic master piece” were used to describe the latest Batman movie.

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So far it seems that this finale will indeed live up to the standards of its predecessors. But if more reason is needed to go watch the movie, here are just some extra details and incentives that came out of the press conference.

According to director Christopher Nolan, unlike the trend of recent super hero movies, execution of The Dark Knight Rises “focuses on staying realistic,” regardless of plot, character introduction or action. The film still incorporates CGI, but tries to sway away from it compared to other films such as the recent summer hit The Avengers.

One of the focal points of this movie is the appearance of Catwoman within the film (played by Anne Hathaway). One thing to take note of is the name “Catwoman” never is heard in the film, instead Hathaway portrays the “hypothetical” role of Catwoman, in the film she is introduced otherwise. The main reason for this ties to the point mentioned earlier of keeping the film realistic.

“We wanted to expand the story for a second sequel while constructing credible psychological basis for new characters,” Nolan said.
Emotionally the film is bound to keep audience on their toes through the length of the movie, submerging them in the threat on Gotham city and experiencing the stakes at hand.

“In the film we try and be very sincere in the things that frighten us or motivate us…the resonances people find or that happen to occur with what’s going on in the real world, they come about really as a result [of] living in the same world,” Nolan said.

By doing so the movie not only provides entertainment but also contains themes and symbols one might relate to our society today. The Occupy movement (many standing up against the powerful few) and the war on terror (what it takes to stand up against a powerful “evil”) are some of the most prominent examples. The film also harks back to Dickens, both alluding to and paralleling the classic A Tale of Two Cities. Whether just looking for pure entertainment or seeking something much more, The Dark Knight Rises is bound to satisfy all appetites.