DJ Borgore set to thrill Opera

Tomorrow Friday, June 29th, Opera nightclub will host dubstep’s “enfant terrible,” Borgore, neé Asaf Borger.

Don’t expect a typical DJ set for this show. Borgore is a DJ as well as a performer. He may be behind the booth for a while running the party, but sooner or later the audience gets involved. It’ll be a hybrid of a DJ set and a concert. Borgore explains, “Most of the shows are me and my lovely pole dancers. I’m singing all of my songs. I’m very active with my people. Not really a live show, but it’s not just a DJ set.”

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Borgore” align=”aligncenter” width=”577″][/media-credit]Intrigued? You should be. Borger tries to explain his persona, Borgore. “I can’t say it’s a separate person… All of us guys have fantasies… I’m just saying it out loud. It’s not serious; it’s only fun.”

And fun really seems to be the focus of his music and shows. Borgore prides himself on being a connoisseur of all kinds of music. “I like everything, even the most cliche pop tune; if it’s good, it’s good.” Does that mean he will play “Call Me Maybe”? Well, who’s to know. But his passion for music informs his own music by not controlling what influences him and just absorbing music he likes, no matter the genre.

When asked about his favorite musician, he instantly responded, “Bach mostly is my number one. The level of his harmonies and how he invented modern music. A lot of people idolize Mozart, but Mozart is the pop version.”

Borgore seems to have music at his core. “Never knew I wanted [to be a musician], I just started as a hobby and it took off. It was the only thing I was good at. It helped me being happy; I was always involved.”

And involved he is, traveling the globe, playing his music and bringing people a good time. “Because of the internet… A small city or village in South Africa, America and Europe can discover the same things. You can dance the same things.” Originally from Israel and later living in London, Borgore has a distinctly international flair, which you can experience for yourself at his show on Friday, June 29th at Opera.

At 1150 Crescent Avenue, Opera is about a mile from campus, which might be out of walking distance for some people, but considering the parking situation in Midtown on a Friday, suddenly a 20 minute walk isn’t so bad. The nightclub offers free admission for ladies and discounted admission for men before 11pm with registration. Opera enforces their dress code which prohibits: tennis shoes, flip flops, Timberland boots or work boots of any, striped polos, athletic gear, excessively baggy clothes, baseball caps, shorts and white tee shirts.