Catching up with The Green

On Saturday Nov. 5th Hawaiian Reggae band, The Green, played an hour long show at The Masquerade. The band recently released its second album Ways & Means which features pop infused reggae. Their self-titled debut album peaked iTunes reggae charts. Their performance at The Masquerade featured grooves and funked up sounds that combined for a raucous and fun hour-long set. I interviewed singer and guitarist JP Kennedy.

What is your role in the band?

JP: I’m lead guitar player and singer as well as a song writer. The band consists of six guys: four singers, two guitar players and a bassist and dummer.

Tell me about some of the band’s influences?

JP: All types of stuff. We always are listening to all different types of music and are influenced by many different cultures. To name a few: rock ‘n roll, jazz, pop, reggae, hip hop, techno, and country. As a result the sound that we produce becomes pretty unique. When we are recording we all record together and we all write.

How about the song writing process. How does that work?

JP: It happens a bunch of different ways. A guy will play a chord on the acoustic guitar and he’ll sing however he wants. Next we just add drums and bass. Also, it can work in stages. One person will write one half a song and someone else can finish the second half. We’re a part of the new wave of reggae so it’s always fresh.

Does the Green have a creative leader?

JP: It’s pretty much a group effort but the production varies from song to song. Sometimes three or four guys can work out a song and it will be done. Other times one guy will do everything. He will sing it, play all the instruments and record it. On this newer album that we have there are two or three songs where one guy did all the music and then some one else sang it. We’re pretty random dudes.

What are your plans for the future? I know that you’re going on a big tour of the US right now, but what’s on tap for after that?

JP: Well we’ve been on the road for the past three weeks and the album came out while we were out there so we’ve had some album release shows out in Hawaii. We’re then going to jump on the road again till spring of next year. We will hit some festivals in the summer and then do some recording. We definitely have our hands full.

What do you want your audience to take away from seeing The Green play live?

JP: We want people to recognize that the music is from the heart. It’s six brothers on the stage jamming and trying to be the best we can. We play our songs and pay tribute to the different genres. It’s just always something different depending on the audience. If it’s an older crowd we play nice stuff. If it’s a younger more rowdy crowd more musicianship will happen. Also the rock n roll side will come out. The show will get a little bit more raunchy.