Yogli Mogli caters to Tech’s froyo needs

The well-known frozen yogurt parlor Yogli Mogli has arrived at Tech’s campus. Located next to Moe’s Southwest Grill at Tech Square, Yogli Mogli opened up for business on Wednesday, Oct. 19 to a bustling crowd of students. The franchise now boasts of nearly 20 stores spread over Georgia and Illinois.

“This edition of Yogli Mogli caters specifically to college students.” said Venkat Venkatasamy, Tech Branch Manager. To further demonstrate, students from Tech and Georgia State University are the employees at this branch, and Yogli Mogli is looking to work with student organizations on campus like fraternities and sororities, SGA and other clubs to help improve and enhance their presence on campus. Yogli Mogli boasts 16 different flavors of yogurt and over 40 toppings to go with them. It is a self-service establishment; and this is another factor that attracts the college crowd. The customers can mix and match any flavors of their choice and take as much as they like. They are at complete liberty to make decisions and get their dessert precisely how they like it. The final price is based on the total weight of the yogurt in the container.

Student employees devote anywhere between ten and thirty hours a week to work at Yogli Mogli, based on their schedules. A noticeable attribute is that the parlor is creative, and comes up with new flavors to suit the season and occasion. The pumpkin flavor is popular this month due to upcoming Halloween. Moreover, the idea of self-service attracts the younger crowd because of unlimited choices and quantities. These seem to be characteristics which will keep the store up and running and make the customers come back for more. Yogli Mogli plans to host online competitions for the most interesting combinations of flavors and topping, with prizes for winners; an idea that is sure to appeal to children and students everywhere.

People also prefer frozen yogurt to ice-cream because of the enhanced nutritional value that yogurt possesses. It provides calcium, protein, essential vitamins  and has a low calorie count. So now, all those health-nuts out there can afford to have a sumptuous and filling dessert that doesn’t harm their body. To add to the healthy options, there is a variety of fresh fruit available as toppings for the yogurt. The servings are also ideally larger because of the self-service option, and sometimes cost even less. These advantages are what catch the attention of dessert-lovers everywhere. These perks are bound to help Yogli Mogli perform well here on Tech campus, and the parlor will soon be as famous as other food joints at Tech Square.

With Tech Square’s Marble Slab currently closed for renovations, Yogli Mogli stands to claim the top spot for frozen desserts this season.

Even though it is not a 24-hour establishment, the parlor should be popular amongst students who want to take a break from homework late at night, grab a dessert after a meal or simply relax with friends at night or during the weekends.


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