Matt and Kim entertain with infectious energy

Music lovers often enter the doors of the Masquerade wanting different things. Whether they were looking for great music, their favorite song, a thrilling show or night of memories, fans found it all when they went to see Matt and Kim.

The crowds were greeted by Autobot of the Flosstradamus, also known as DJ Autobot as they climbed the steps to ‘Heaven’ upstairs. As fans were waiting for the first act, he entertained with upbeat tracks trying to get the crowd dancing. However, people seemed to be more interested in carrying conversations with friends. Some memorable moments from DJ Autobot’s set were his techno renditions of several Journey songs as well as ‘Twist and Shout’.

Anticipation built as the DJ closed his set and the stage was being set up for the next act. Entering the stage to a sea of cheers were the Thermals, a group hailing from southern Oregon. Self-described as ‘post-pop-punk’, the trio’s grungy riffs were often met with vocals that held a cheerful tone but lyrics that delved both deeper and darker. Many of the Thermal’s songs question the meaning and purpose of life, or if there is one at all. The energy that met the band began to dwindle as fans seemed to know less of their music. However it rose again near the end of the set with anticipation of the coming headliner.

People who frequent the Masquerade can typically expect good music, however the effects that shows have are often disappointing. Matt and Kim decided they wanted more for their fans and lit up the stage. Matt rushed out swinging a towel and Kim jumped on top of her bass drum with a dozen specialty lights that painted the masquerade in color and perfectly complemented the duo’s fun style. After the roar died down just enough to barely hear Matt through the microphone, Kim kicked off the show.

The show was a blast from start to finish. Even attendees who didn’t know the band could share the excitement that the room could hardly contain. Kim jumped up on her drums whenever she wanted, and Matt cracked jokes in between songs like he was among friends. It was obvious the duo loved to perform – Kim never stopped smiling throughout the entire performance. Fan favorites were mixed throughout the show, including ‘Cameras’, ‘Good O’l Fashioned Nightmares’ and ‘Yeah Yeah’. During ‘It’s a Fact (Printed Stained)’ Kim passed bags of balloons to the crowd to inflate and throw around. Matt later ran up and down the stage throwing confetti as Kim walked out onto the hands of fans and danced.

In addition to their own songs, Matt and Kim played several fun covers including ‘Just a Friend’ and ‘Move – Get Out Da Way’. After playing Daylight, they left the stage, promising that it had been their last song they would play. The crowd cheered on, and Matt and Kim finally returned. Matt still kept his promise – rather than performing more songs, Matt hit a button on his keyboard and they leapt to the front of the stage to dance with the crowd to some pre-recorded mixes of their own songs. Following Matt and Kim, the entire upstairs of the Masquerade ended the night dancing in an excitement that had the floor bouncing with them.


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