The Mechanic delivers action-packed fun

Action movies over the past few years have featured various big stars. However, you seem to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into once you’ve discovered that the star is action hero icon Jason Statham. His past movies have delivered the perfect amount of edge-of-your-seat action that will keep you drawn into the movie until its very last minute. The Mechanic is no different from these.

The remake of this 1972 action movie is your typical one that features Jason Statham. His job involves mostly killing people as well as a few explosions here and there to tie it all together. However, the slight twist on the plot of the movie keeps you entertained enough to want to know what happens next.

So, as you can probably tell, our main hero is Arthur Bishop played by Jason Statham, a man who takes jobs that involve the killing of various criminals or dangerous icons to society. He calls this kind of occupation a “mechanic.” Bishop, to say the least, is a very good mechanic. His house is full of expensive items, and he lives alone, secluded from society. However, after his employer instructs him to kill a man who was a partner in the company he works for and a good friend whom he’s known for years, he starts to worry a bit about his future in this business.

Before he dies, this man suggests that Bishop takes on a partner, something he’s never done before. Cue in Steve McKenna, played by Ben Foster. His idea of a fun Friday night involves luring in potential carjackers and beating them half to death. Having had a past with drugs and dropping out of college, McKenna didn’t have the most ideal childhood, to say the least. What’s more is that Steve McKenna is the son of the partner in the company Bishop was instructed to kill.

McKenna’s father was never too proud of his son. So in order to make his father proud, Bishop decides to enlist McKenna as a partner in the mechanic business. From there, he starts his training to become a good mechanic along side Bishop in the war on criminals.

The problems with these types of movies are the plotline. Of course since this is your average action movie, you can’t really expect too much depth in the characters. However, while sitting through the movie, I felt a deep sense of connection to the various characters. It felt as though I understood exactly how they felt. Different than other movies, I was immersed in this one more than other action movies of similar caliber.

That being said, the emotional connection with the characters didn’t take away any of the enjoyment from seeing the action in the movie. It was a very entertaining shoot-‘em-up movie filled with explosions.

If you’re a fan of the more modern action movies, similar to The Expendables or Crank, you will definitely enjoy The Mechanic. This movie even does it a step better by making an emotional connection between you and the characters in the movie. It’s well worth the ticket price.


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