Tokyo Police Club headlines at the Masquerade

Photo by Tim Nowack / Student Publications
Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club headlined an energetic night of indie rock at the Masquerade on Tuesday, Jan. 25. Accompanying them was the up-and-coming band Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. A triple helping of indie rock was what the young crowds asked for, and they were certainly not disappointed.

Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, the only American band of the night, warmed up the crowd and stood up surprisingly well against the much more established bands that they shared the stage with. Their sound was similar to the other two groups’ but a bit less electronic. The band’s songs were catchy and the crowd greatly enjoyed their performance and stage presence. The band members appeared to be genuinely humbled by the recognition they were receiving and then proceeded to spend the rest of the show on the floor with the crowd watching the other two bands of the night and enthusiastically interacting with the concert-goers.

Two Door Cinema Club performed next to a very receptive audience. They mostly performed songs from their debut album from 2010, Tourist History. The floor of the room reverberated during their entire performance as the lively crowd danced to the group’s excellent performance. The energetic crowd favored hits such as “I Can Talk” and “Do You Want It All?” and also sat back and absorbed some of the new material the band performed as well. The catchy beats and repetitive lyrics distinguish Two Door Cinema Club from the vast realm of indie bands and they did not let their fans down with their third performance here in Atlanta.

Lastly, Tokyo Police Club took the stage. The Canadian band had the most theatrical show of the night with plenty of colored lights and smoke to mystify the crowd. The majority of fans at the show seemed to be there solely for the final act of the night. Another high-energy performance from Tokyo Police Club delighted fans with favorites such as “Tessellate” as well as songs from their latest album Champ that was released last year. The band summoned audience participation more than the others did, and the crowd was quick to happily respond. Tokyo Police Club’s style varies a bit from Two Door Cinema Club’s, but the crowd was receptive of all. The last song of the night featured members of the different bands coming together for the final encore.

Each performance was unique to the band, but the same general sound could be heard throughout the night. Indie rock appears to be alive and well. If any of these groups return to Atlanta, either by themselves or together, they are a must see.


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