Veterans Train steal show at Center Stage

Photo by Basheer Tome / Student Publications
On Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010 people crowded into Center Stage in Midtown Atlanta for the Not So Silent Night concert. Performing on the evening were Christina Perri, Plain White T’s and Train, in that order. The experience of the groups ranged from up-and-coming to established, giving the crowd a great diversity.

Headlining the show was Train, a rock band who returned from a three-year hiatus in 2009. Any concert attendant would not be able to tell this, however, as lead singer Pat Monaham played the stage and crowd like a well seasoned veteran.

There were several on and off stage antics made by Monaham. During the song “She’s on Fire” he invited six girls from the crowd on stage to assist him. Later in the show during their performance of their latest single “Marry Me” Monaham hopped off stage and made a lap around the venue’s pit while singing to many wide-eyed crowd members.

Earlier in the night, Christina Perri opened the evening up with an intimate performance on the piano. She was accompanied on several songs by John Anderson who played guitar. She played four songs, ending with her first single “Jar of Hearts.” She was able to bring out fine dynamics through simple instrumentation which engaged the audience quite well.

Following Perri was the Plain White T’s, a rock pop group consisting of two guitars, bass, drums and lead vocals. Just coming off the release of their latest album The Wonders of the Younger, the group came on stage dressed in what appeared to be late nineteenth century war apparel.

This choice of clothing left many people in wonder until the chorus of their first song entitled “Irrational Anthem,” giving some reason to the attire.

The band even began to break out of their pop rock mold with an extended guitar solo in their third song, “Big Bad World.” More interesting guitar arrangements were found in their closing song, “Hey There Delilah.” During this song, the two electric guitar players used electronic handheld devices in combination with their guitars in order to create a violin bow sound and were even able to harmonize the parts.

Plain White T’s also performed songs that featured the vocals of their lead guitar player Tim Lopez instead of their normal lead singer Tom Higgenson. Though a change from the average, it was a refreshing change for the crowd as he proved himself to be a capable singer himself.

After Plain White T’s ended their set with their No. 1 hit “Hey There Delilah,” the crowd patiently waited for the main draw of the show, Train,  to come on stage.

Train came out with another five-piece set up including a guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and vocals. All the musicians showed proficiency and a good show, but musical talent and showmanship truly came out in Monaham.
During the end of the second song of the night, “Get To Me,” Monaham hit a high note that would be difficult for even the most experienced soprano singer to hit.

The group also played a good mix of former hits such as “Meet Virginia” in the beginning of the set and “Calling All Angels” midway through it. They played their early 2010 hit “Hey Soul Sister” closer to the end of the evening.

Upon ending and the band leaving the stage, the crowd waited patiently for an encore. Several minutes later, as if on cue, the band returned to the stage to play their first big hit, “Drops of Jupiter.”

The crowd left the packed Center Stage with smiles on their faces. Though the night was filled with up-and-comers and veterans, the concert went without a hitch or flaw.


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