(Photo by Basheer Tome/Student Publications)
Bright colored lighting and excited fans of many ages welcomed American indie rock psychedelic band MGMT onto stage at the Tabernacle on Tuesday.

The band started off slow with a lesser-known selection from their newly released album Congratulations.

But things instantly picked up to a high broil as MGMT jumped into “Time to Pretend” relatively early into the night. Even the plentiful awkward high schoolers managed to begin head-bobbing by the time the band swung into another of their best hits, “Electric Feel.”

A few songs went by to generous response. Then, they put down their instruments. The band members looked at each other and then launched into their most well known song “Kids.” Midway through the song, as excitement neared it’s highest point that night, all hell broke loose. Everyone let the groove take them to new space-invading heights.

By the time the band was ready to leave, Andrew VanWyngarden, the lead vocalist, yipped “Night!” ran off stage, and the crowd cheered them back on for their final two songs, “The Handshake” and “Congratulations.” They served as a decent capstone to the concert and a good night.


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