(Photo by Adebola Adedire/Student Publications)
Interpol and the White Rabbits performed at the Tabernacle to a passionate crowd that wanted to show off Atlanta as the sixth New York City borough.

The show opened with the White Rabbits, an indie rocking Brooklyn sextet with all the traits of a hipster power group.

The crowd’s response to their energetic performance and catchy lyrics silenced any doubters in attendance.

Interpol took the stage after a short intermission that provided time to clear the stage of the White Rabbits’ equipment.

The members coolly sauntered on and took their instruments. Paul Banks, the band’s front man, addressed the crowd with a nonchalant, “Hello, we are Interpol.”

The Tabernacle became noticeably more crowded as attendees pushed towards the stage to get closer to the 13-year indie rock veterans. Many critics and fans argue that Interpol are the paragons of the NYC 90’s indie rock revival and they proved it with the show.

The Tabernacle was full of Interpol fans that knew the lyrics to their hits, but were also equally comfortable singing along to b-sides. Interpol finished their set with “Obstale 1” with the crowd singing the chorus, “She plucks away.”

The audience chanted for an encore. The band obliged by returning to the stage and performing “The Heinrich Maneuver.”

The chorus, “Today my heart swings,” provided an appropriate ending to their Atlanta show.


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