DramaTech displays variety

Classic show tunes, iconic theater scenes and lively improv games illuminated DramaTech’s cozy Dean James E. Dull Theatre with talent and enthusiasm this past weekend. The production, titled Variety Tech/Let’s Try This!, ran though Oct. 1 and 2 and was an enjoyable evening that exhibited the diversity of talents at Tech.

An array of show tunes comprised the majority of the production. Numbers included modern hits such as “Spring Awakening,” Broadway classics such as “Chicago” and a Disney medley.

Iconic theater sketches from the likes of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live were performed in between these musical performances and provided comic relief. A hip-hop battle also took place in the middle of the first act.

Performances ranged from solo ballads to entire cast dance productions and absolutely everything in-between. This was truly a show with much variety. From the first number that began with soloist in the spotlight to the finale ensemble routine, the efforts the cast and crew invested in the production as well as the cast’s natural talent were obvious. The minor flaws in performance were more than made up for by the effortless stage presence of the actors.

Every performer proved himself to be a triple threat on stage as they confidently displayed their singing, dancing and acting talents. The variety element of the show kept the interest of the audience for the full two-hour duration, and the up-beat tone of the show made for an overall feel-good production.

Tech’s improv troupe, Let’s Try This! (LTT), performed sporadically between the other performances. A division of DramaTech, LTT performs with DramaTech productions as well as independently all around campus several times each semester. Be on the lookout for their Oct. 15 performance coming up as well as its weekly workshops that are open to the public with no experience necessary.

The group, each member clad in a different vibrantly colored t-shirt, was quick on their toes and extremely engaging. LTT established a good rapport with the crowd and continued to deliver the laughs throughout the show to keep the audience entertained during costume changes.

DramaTech’s members, including performers, crew, tech members and a variety of other positions, represent a plethora of majors and classes at Tech. However, they all share an obvious passion for the arts and a wealth of talent in these areas.

This aspect of the group enforces the multi-talented aspects of the Institute’s student body and proves that Tech students are much more than just top-ranked engineers.

Keep an eye out for DramaTech’s rendition of The Count of Monte Cristo late Oct. to early Nov. later this year.