Yeah! Burger creates healthy food

Some might think it would be risky to set up a burger joint right down the road from the famous Flip Burger, but that’s exactly what Erik Maier and Shaun Doty did. Yeah! Burger opened on June 3 in the White Provision Complex on the corner of 14th Street and Howell Mill.

This unique eatery offers organic and natural ingredients and caters to the gluten-free foodies of Atlanta.

When you first walk in to Yeah! Burger, you might notice some of the eclectic artwork on the wall, the huge outdoor patio area or the noisy hustle and bustle of a newly opened restaurant. The noise is accentuated by the fact that the kitchen is open to the seating area.

This was a downside for me, since it was hard to hear the person sitting across from me. However, this restaurant is definitely busy for a reason.

While waiting in line to order, you must go step-by-step through the menu to create the perfect burger. First, you choose your patty type, which includes ground beef, bison, turkey, veggie or a grilled chicken breast. All of their meat is certified drug free and organic.

The one downside to the patty choice is that they cook all beef burgers medium-well and all bison burgers medium. You can have the burgers cooked longer if you ask, but they will not cook them less.

Next, you choose the type of bun you want. These include Southern White, Whole Wheat or Gluten-Free White.

There has been an increase in the number of people who are becoming more conscious about gluten allergies, so the fact that Yeah! Burger allows them to still get the satisfaction of eating a burger without the health detriment is amazing. Unlike most restaurants, they are able to cater to all sorts of customers.

The next step is to choose your cheese and any additional toppings for your burger. There is a list of free toppings and a list of premium toppings that are $1 each. Some premium toppings include nitrate-free bacon, cage-free fried eggs and avocado.

The final step in the burger-making process is to smother it in as many sauces as you want. Some choices include roasted garlic aioli, hot Alabama relish and, of course, good ole ketchup.

Although Yeah! Burger is clearly known for its burgers, those looking for something else can choose from a variety of hot dogs and salads. To complement your meal, there are plenty of sides to choose from such as gluten-free or regular onion rings and French fries, fried pickles with ranch or a cup of chili. For dessert, customers can indulge in a milkshake, soda float, a blended ice cream/candy bar shake or a sundae. Yeah! Burger also has a full bar and offers several signature cocktails on the menu.

As if these choices weren’t enough, Yeah! Burger offers a secret menu to those able to find it. On it, there are several specialty burgers and a late night menu offered on Fridays and Saturdays after 10 p.m.

All in all, Yeah! Burger can’t be missed. They support a green environment with their food by buying locally when they can, buying cage-free eggs and all organic ingredients. They also have a special energy efficient HVAC system and utilize LED lighting along with plenty of natural lighting throughout the day.

Making quality, delicious food while doing their part for the environment is a rare find in burger places nowadays, but Yeah! Burger has found their niche and we hope they keep it coming.