City Scene

The High Museum is presenting The Allure of the Automobile from now to the end of June. Although the event will only exhibit 18 motorcars all together, they will be some of the world’s most exclusive automobiles and will help showcase the rich history of a unique side of automobile productions between the ‘30s and ‘60s. These beautifully designed masterpieces are from a wide variety of renowned makers such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Duesenberg, Mercedes-Benz, etc. More of an art exhibit than an auto-show, the event should be attractive to a wider audience than those that are solely passionate about automobiles. With a $15 entrance fee for students, visitors can also enjoy the High’s plethora of other artistic expressions as well. For more information, please visit .

With recent hits “1901” and “Lisztomania” off their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Phoenix is a French alternative rock band that is growing in popularity with the American audience. Their music, winning numerous awards including a Grammy, is becoming more and more mainstream. However, if you cannot handle the fast changing paste of modern day music or would prefer something of a different genre, Elvis Costello might be a great alternative choice. Meeting commercial success since the ‘70s, Costello is a world famous musician that has stood the test of time. Both artists will grace the stages of the Tabernacle around this weekend. With ticket prices ranging from $30-40 for both shows, please visit for more information.

Stage fanatics rejoice as The New American Shakespeare Tavern presents one of Shakespeare’s earlier comedy classics, , until mid May. One of the more popular Shakespearean work in modern media, Shrew has been reinterpreted in relatively recent works such as . This particular play should steal the hearts of any audience groups with its humor. The classic story presents a relevant and relatable case of “battle of the sexes” all the while entertaining its audience with farcical jokes. The entire show runs for the course of two hours with ticket pricing set around $12-20 based on seating. For more information on this unmissable rendition, visit .

The Georgia Renaissance Festival is presenting eight weekends of fun and festivity in order to celebrate its 25 anniversary this year. With a variety of entertaining events all the way from medieval comedy to silk and acrobatic stunt shows to jousting tournaments and the coronation of the king, it won’t be difficult for the attendees to occupy themselves throughout the entire event. That along with the games and rides presented at the festival makes it an interesting amalgamation between old-time medieval festivals and modern-day theme parks. So take a day out and immerse yourself in a simpler time with your friends or families. More information can be found at .