Alice in Chains mixes genres in live show

Heavy rock dual threat of Alice in Chains and Middle Class Rut visited the Tabernacle on February 26, 2010 for the Atlanta crowd. A very high-energy performance was started with the duo, Middle Class Rut.

The opener, alternative rock band Middle Class Rut, started the show with a sprint, not leaving any room for recovery. Although widely recognized, they have been grasped the attention of BBC radio DJ Zane Lowe and recently announced their single “I Guess You Could Say” as his Hottest Record of the World. This was just the atmosphere that everyone needed to prime for the main event.

Alice in Chains was nothing short of spectacular, with their live performance sounding better then on the radio. This heavy metal band can be described with many different genres, but ultimately is a cocktail of metal, blues, rock and roll with a touch of punk.

With their mix of heavy rock and transitions to slower songs such as “Rooster,” the performance was pleasing. Accompanied by a wonderful lightshow, if you are interested in seeing this band try to make it out to their show encore show Feb. 26, 2010 at the Tabernacle.