UTC Open Mic Night attracts talent

The Super Saturday Open Mic Night at Under The Couch (UTC) on the weekend of Feb. 27 certainly disproved the claim that Tech students do not have any other talents besides science and math.

The event attracted a good number of performers to demonstrate their musical abilities as songwriters and singers.

For a relatively small stage and venue with the prevailing dulcet sounds, the lighting was mostly subtle. Thanks to the advanced sound system of UTC, the acoustic levels matched the sound preference of each solo artist or band, rendering them an optimal performing experience.

The show mostly comprised of some mellow acoustic guitar tunes, with the exception of bands like All Your Base who got things loud and rocking. Some performers, such as Zack and Joseph, exhibited exceptional talent by playing their instruments in a way to alter their sound quality and create an ambient mood that complemented the lyrics.

Most of the audience members were, in fact, none other than performers waiting for their chance at the stage. The event could have definitely employed a better promotion strategy to attract more audiences seeking entertainment.

The crowd wasn’t as excited or energetic as expected, which again might be attributed to the low-key nature of the songs that were played. Despite the more prevalent soothing sounds, the performers displayed exemplary talent. The complex playing techniques definitely raised the bar on what might be expected in the musical department of tech school.

Nevertheless, the event wasn’t as exciting as one might expect from a music venue on a Saturday night. More student attendance certainly help to vamp up the energy level of UTC, and the performers would no doubt appreciate the support.

That being said, I would recommend UTC to anyone looking for a fun (and free) place to go on a weekend.