City Scene

Local illusionist Mick Stone will be performing on campus at the Instruction Center (IC) Auditorium on March 3. A seasoned performer, Stone is known for his shows in colleges, theatres and companies around the country. He’s acts, including poking out his eyeballs, letting an audience member pull his finger off and impaling his hand with a metal spike, are a perfect blend of horror, humor and the grotesque that is sure to amuse. This particular show, called “WTF?! The Magic Show that Doesn’t Suck,” (WTF standing for “What Thrilling Fun”) will start at 8 p.m. on the night of the show with ticket price of $5 for students and $10 for everyone else.

Winner of the Gilmore Artist Award, Kirill Gerstein arrives March 11 at Atlanta Symphony Hall to amaze patrons with his digital skills through March 13. Beginning the evening with Liszt’s , the night transitions to the story of an inanimately awakened puppet, titular character in Igor Stravinsky’s compositions from the ballet . The piece projects a great emotional potency as dances through his inner turmoil of his new-found life. With such a moving piece, Gerstein should have no problems striking a chord in the audience with every move of his fingers. This is not a performance to be missed. Performances begin at 8 p.m. and tickets range from $20 – $75. Tickets may be purchased and more information is provided at the

March 5 R&B performers Chrisette Michelle and Laura Izibor sing their souls out at the Tabernacle for Michelle’s Epiphany Tour. Grammy Award winning vocalist Michelle will be showcasing her album and cycling through the hits of “Blame it on Me,” “Epiphany” and “What You Do.” However, opening act for the concert Izibor frames the rhythm and blues mood with sets from Let the Truth Be Told, her debut album. Charges are only $26, and the performance is a must-see for fans of recent R&B and Soul music. Pre-concert entry may be purchased at .

Well, after last week’s double nomination of Gabriel Iglesias and Lewis Black for the City Scene, Tech students can get another dose of comedy from a small screen star. So in Atlanta will be he, the hilarious Scot and host of CBS’ , Mr. Craig Ferguson himself live at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Again, tickets at this venue are quite pricey from $32.50 to $52.50 but each slip is an I.O.U for hours of amusement. The ticket price is well worth a night of great laughs. Fortunately, Ferguson will not thunder on stage until March 14, so good little boys and girls can have all of their assignments wrapped in a bow by then. is a font of information on how to procure tickets and a look at what will be featured this month.

With the departure of the Da Vinci exhibit at the High Museum, the terrible void is to be filled March 21 with the upcoming and exciting exhibition The Allure of the Automobile.

This exhibition highlights the artistic and astoundingly beautiful engineering of golden age motorcars.

For avid fans of elegant Aston Martins or the exquisite Porches of the mid-1900s, this is the finest opportunity these fantasies have received to be publicly featured.

The exhibit includes 18 of the most masterful designs to ever be produced from the 1957 Jaguar XKSS to the extravagant form of the 1937 Bugatti and each justly deserves its classification as a work of art.

Tickets, including access to all museum galleries, are only $15, with a student I.D., and are additionally reduced by 50 percent after 4 p.m. on Thursdays. There is a strict “no touching” policy, but I know the visuals are enough to make this exhibit a great deal.

The Allure of the Automobile will be open March 21 until June 20 and more information about the event is available at .