City Scene

From Friday, Feb. 12th, the Mason Murer Fine Art gallery will be hosting The Drawing Show. This exhibit will feature the drawings and other works on paper from the best artists in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Artwork from a large array of wonderful artists such as James Yarborough, Robert Marx and Benny Andrews will be displayed for all to see. If you have never heard of these guys and would like to learn more, please visit to sample their work. A few minutes of browsing and you will find that their work is modern, fascinating and well worth your time to visit the show. What makes this show even better is the fact that the show is open to the public and entrance is absolutely free. So if you’re short on cash and looking for an interesting show, then this is perfect for you because all that you would be spending on this event is your own time.

Attention Sinatra fans! When was the last time you heard a Sinatra song performed live? If it has been a while, then this weekend you will have a chance to hear classic Sinatra songs performed live by the great Michael Feinstein at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. Feinstein is a Grammy award winning singer and music archivist, known for preserving and celebrating classic American music. His past albums include tributes to the Gershwin brothers, Irving Berlin and American and European music during the First World War. This phenomenal singer will be performing songs from his most recent album, The Sinatra Project, a tribute to Frank Sinatra himself. Ticket prices range from $20-$53, a reasonable price to see a singer such as Feinstein perform works of another fabulous artist from another era. For more information, please visit .

Come and enjoy a night of improvise comedy at the Whole World Improv Theatre. Since 1993, Whole World Improv Theatre has entertained people from all over Atlanta and earned numerous accolades for their hilarious shows. For the past few years Whole World Improv Theatre has been consistently voted Best Local Improv Group by organizations such as The Sunday Paper and Creative Loafing. All this weekend, the main cast of the Whole World Improv Theatre will be showcasing their amazing talents for $21 – $24 a ticket. So if Sinatra isn’t for you, then come down to the Whole World Improv Theatre for a night of live, unscripted fun. For more information, please visit .