Family Guy sequel to “Blue Harvest” full of parody

Those who are familiar with wouldn’t deny that it is a show that leaves no end in creating an amazingly shocking yet humorous mockery of the most stunning movie moments of all times. is no different. Just like its prequel, the story begins when Peter is prompted by Meg and Chris to tell a story, this time specifically about the universe, during a power outage.

has all of the show’s characters reprise their original roles from . Peter will still be playing as Han Solo (now calling himself and forcing others to call him Carlos Spicy Weiner), Lois as Princess Leia, Chris as Luke Skywalker, Stewie as Darth Vader and Quagmire and Cleveland as C-3PO and R2D2 respectively.

Just as in the beginning scene of , Luke Skywalker is seen in the beginning of the episode to be monitoring activity around the rebel base on the planet Hoth when he’s attacked by the Cookie Monster from . Once the Imperial Forces locate the rebel base, Imperial Walkers or “Big Giant Robot Camels” are sent there for an attack.

After one of the Walkers is paralyzed by Luke’s maneuver of tying a string around its legs, the machine pretends to have hurt its knee, thus wincing and letting out a long “Ah!” which is a parody of a running gag from the show.

When forced to evacuate the rebel base because of the attack, Han Solo brings along Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO aboard his ship, the Millenium Falcon. In an attempt to escape the TIE fighters chasing it, the Millennium Falcon has no other option but to enter an asteroid field, where a reference to the show is made with Sheriff John Bunnell describing the chase. Also, during the escape, Han has an option to enter a strawberry field in which The Beatles float around while having a humorous conversation.

Meanwhile, Luke and R2D2 head towards the Dagobah System where Luke crash lands into a swamp, and a gag of the Allstate spokesman and actor Dennis Haysbert is featured. He assures the audience that “the good hands people at Allstate will make sure [they] have a soft landing.”

On the other hand, Han Solo is irritated by Leia’s negative comments and interference through out their journey. At the point when Han gets tired of Leia’s “constant questioning of [him],” he makes a video confession, a parody to , where he clearly states that “[Leia] just needs to get some respect for herself.”

The episode also points out the insignificance of C-3PO’s character in the original series in a scene where, while introducing others to Lando, Han Solo realizes that he doesn’t know C-3PO’s name.

brings back the recurring character, Consuela, a stereotypically stubborn Hispanic maid working for Darth Vader and the Emperor. Her constant petty demands, such as vacuuming while he is “doing the hologram” or complaining about a shortage of Windex, often disrupt Darth Vader from his work.

Darth Vader’s character is also turned into one with strong homosexual personalities. A great example is when at the end Vader tries to persuade Luke, along with several sexual innuendos, to join the dark side and run the office together.

In essence, unlike many sequels, did not manage to lose the flavor that originally exhibited. Rather, the sequel featured more fresh gags that did not originate directly from the show.