City Scene

The New American Shakespeare Tavern is happy to present a modern adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic, . The comedic performance fully exploits the bawdiness and the humor deep within Chaucer’s ink and bring them upon stage in a fashion reminiscent of the styles of . The interesting combination of classic literature with cleverly hidden coarse humor is a unique experience that you will not want to miss. General admission is $12, and the show will be running for the whole month of Jan. Whether you are looking for a good dirty laugh or a chance to refresh your high school Literature class, this performance is a great way to spend a fun yet refreshing weekend. For more information, visit .

Fabulous Fox hosts hard-knock life of

The Fox Theatre takes a step back in time and revisits the past this weekend by presenting to its audience a more than 30 years old musical classic, . Winner of the 1977 Tony Award for Best Musical, the tales of the little red-hair orphan on a journey to find her parents during the Great Depression is a heartwarming story of bravery and innocence. The instantly recognizable melodies of “Tomorrow” and “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” will together bring fond nostalgia to almost any generation of listeners. For ticket prices ranging from $25 to $55, is a costly but tasteful way to spend time with family or friends this weekend. More information on the performance can be found on .

Shen Yun brings Chinese tradition to Cobb

The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center will be featuring the Shen Yun Performing Arts (SYPA) exclusively for this weekend. Having completed more than 300 performances in more than 20 countries back in 2009, the SYPA presents to its audience the magnificent art of traditional Chinese music and dancing. The superb choreography of a massive cast, the thunderous strength in the powerful melodies along with the beautiful landscape setup portrays the perfect contrast between strength and beauty in the depth of Chinese history and culture. The exhilarating performance is sure to leave its audience breathless. With tickets in the price range of $40-$120, this luxurious event is well worth its hefty price. For more information, please visit .

Jewish Film Festival entertains in Atlantic Station

Regal Atlantic Station along with two other venues (Lefont Sandy Springs and Regal Medlock Crossing) will be screening an international selection of narrative and documentary films for the 10th Annual Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) starting on Wednesday, Jan. 13, lasting 12 days. From Adam Elliot’s dark humored claymation , a bittersweet tale of loneliness and understanding between two pen-pals worlds apart, to Kaspar Heidelbach’s , a documentary about suppression and friendship during the 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, the AJFF contains a wide variety of masterful story-telling films about life, history and humanity. With $10 cost per movie, film fanatics will definitely not want to miss this great opportunity. The selection of films, ticket purchasing and any other information can be found on .