Harmony serenades with infinite talent, melodies

Infinite Harmony is the “Mixed Contemporary” branch of the A Capella Club at Tech. Founded in 2004, Infinite Harmony has 18 members. This makes for a perfect ratio. Like the other groups under the club, it is by audition each semester.

With a repertoire including hits from the ‘90s, Disney films and Muse, there is bound to be some selection to suit any taste. Because it is a club, the members do not get any kind of academic credit, like with some other vocal ensembles on campus.

Membership between many of the A Capella groups overlaps.

Infinite Harmony’s end-of-the-semester concert was on Sunday, Nov. 15 in the East Architecture Building (where many students have taken Health). In about an hour, they managed to cram 14 songs into the performance.

They performed a wide range of songs, all of which various members arranged, including The Beatles’ “Because,” Jason Mraz’s “Lucky,” “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from , the Barenaked Ladies’ “It’s All Been Done” and Mika’s “Happy Ending,” which closed the concert appropriately enough.

The entire group did not perform every song. Instead, there were smaller subgroups that performed each song. For instance, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” was performed by the male members of the group. So while no single member sang every single song, each member was able to put forth their best effort, allowing the performance to provide a great quality performance over quantity of performers.

Also varying frequently were the soloists. It was great because it seemed like almost every member of Infinite Harmony was given their moment to shine. “Lucky” featured two soloists, whose real-life chemistry (and engagement) definitely helped to bring the song to life.

Because the group is so small, there is nowhere for potentially weak singers to hide. Luckily, none of the members are weak. Each member is very capable, and it shows. No one tried to hide in the background, and everyone took their moment in the spotlight (or in this case, lamplight) with much vigor.

Infinite Harmony is quite active and practices twice a week. Last spring, the group went to its first competition at UGA, where tenor Andrew Leonard won “Best Soloist” for his part in “Happy Ending.” The group hopes to make both of these performances annual occurrences.

Their proudest moment thus far was singing at Adult Swim’s Christmas Party in 2008.

Infinite Harmony is a very talented group with a bright future ahead of them. The group has grown in talent and prestige since its inception in 2004, with hopes of only becoming better as they gain new talent and cover new ground.

Singing frequently at Connect with Tech, Infinite Harmony gets to showcase itself for potential freshman, who, upon being dazzled, no doubt apply to Tech with hopes of auditioning to be a member of Infinite Harmony.

With a formula that includes both talent and fantastic music, it is hard to lose with a group of performers like Infinite Harmony.