Badfish bring the 90s back at Variety Playhouse

Badfish, a Sublime tribute band, opened up their musical doors to the Atlanta public on Nov. 7 at Variety Playhouse. The night started out with band Scotty Don’t playing music reminiscent of Bob Marley’s feel-good tunes featuring their rendition of “One Love.” Although the mediocre performance gathered a lullaby of listeners, the band finished up with a more modern version of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.” The easy going melodies soon sublimated to the blend of punk, rock and reggae.

The crowd rushed to the stage as the curtain was lifted for headliner Badfish. To the crowd’s surprise, Scotty Don’t was still stationed upon the stage. With no time for the crowd to react, the band blasted a familiar tune that had lingered in everyone’s palate. The venue was soon packed with eager ears.

Opening with many of hits such as “Doin’ Time” and “Wrong Way,” a flashback to the ‘90s Long Beach, California roots, the band truly is picking up where Sublime has left off. The band contained repertoire of works from albums “Sublime” and “40 oz. of Freedom,” where they showcased all the hits remembered in the pass with no altercations. Vocals, guitar, and beats all meshing completely like they all remembered.

This is the closest many will get to listening to the live music produced from former Sublime. The crowd felt compelled to sing along throughout the concert, fueled also by the energy and performance of Badfish. It seemed as if Sublime had been reincarnated in the form of this east coast talent. It was all that was expected from a tribute band but more, with compelling lights and music. The atmosphere was perfect.

Badfish, named after a song from “40 oz. of Freedom,” is composed of a group of computer science majors out of the University of Rhode Island. They formed in order to satiate the cravings of long lost music, due to Sublime’s lead singer Bradley Nowell’s death, around campuses and venues along the east coast and mid west.