DramaTech Preview: Twelfth Night, Shakespearean England’s crash course in star-crossed cross-dressing

This weekend DramaTech Theater will continue their three-weekend run of Shakespeare’s comedy , presented in memory of Dean James E. Dull. The Friday, Nov. 6 performance will feature a special commemorative ceremony for Dean Dull.

“Honoring Dean Dull was really a DramaTech initiative. Dean Dull is someone who has given a lot of money to the theater and our work, and is really very appreciated throughout DramaTech. His death was very sad,” said fifth-year BIO and DramaTech actress Katie Zimmerman.

The production member began practice for the show in late Sept., which is a bit more time than normally allotted for a performance, especially a Shakespeare. “Some shows we will only have a few weeks, once we only had three weeks for a Shakespeare…. I would say you can really see the extra time and work in this performance,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman plays Viola, the cross-dressing and star-crossed heroine in a tale that involves long-lost twins, unknown lesbian affection and incredibly shiny bling.

Zimmerman works opposite AE grad Tamil Periasamy as Orsino, Viola’s secret and not quite admitedly hetero-sexual love interest.

The cast has already completed four full productions. “Tonight [Thursday, Nov. 4] was an especially great performance. It’s really great when the audience is really responsive and you know you will have a great show when you have the level of energy we saw with the audience,” Zimmerman said.

will continue to run Wednesday through Saturday until Nov. 14, with showings beginning at 8 p.m. Student tickets cost $5, and general admission is $10. Online reservations can be made at .