Saw VI continues bloody saga with new horrors

is one of the few movies that could be watched without seeing all the others in order. While it does continue the story arc set up by the previous entries in the series, the bulk can be easily appreciated from what is presented in this movie. What does take place in the previous movies is easily surmised from conversation or flashbacks.

The movie features just a few main characters instead of an ensemble, making it a little easier to follow the plot. featured many people escaping one set of traps and how they relate to each other, while mainly focuses on one man. Because all of the audience’s attention can be spent on this one character, it makes for a more compelling story. The story and plot are much more focused and plain, making the film very easy to comprehend.

Several of the other movies rely on convoluted plots to present simple stories, diluting their essence for a gimmick-driven movie. This latest entry in the series is comparably simple. While still cheesy at times, it presents its drama in an easy to understand manner, actually making one of the better places to start the saga.

The previous movies all struggle a little to find significance; they feel almost forced to fit in with the story as it is. Only since has the franchise really found its place as a series. It’s now almost like a TV show because it retains many of the same characters who deal with both problems at hand and a larger story.

The special effects budget must have taken a hit in this movie. Prosthetic effects were way under par. They were very obvious and poorly integrated with the actors, which seemed to be a running theme throughout the movie. None of the blood and gore effects were quite up to standards.

Most of them were done physically. This creates a problem for continuity because instead of having distinct blood splotches, people almost become impressionist works of art, bloodied up and let loose.

The finale features hydrofluoric acid, which supposedly can eat through human flesh almost instantly. After being pumped full of it, this character literally melts. The movie generally goes for the drama when it comes to gore, but it doesn’t become ridiculous. There are no Tarintino-inspired bloody messes, but he would be proud.

While some parts may seem unrealistic, who among the general population really knows what it’s like when someone’s jaw and head are blown apart?

Fans looking for a bloody, gore-fest will be disappointed. This film is more about the drama and the story than the gore. There are several scenes for them, but ultimately the characters and their drama drive the film. The traps are not as imaginative or as twisted as in the others in the series. They are frightening, but they do not inspire the same awe and fear as many of the others.

Even though it is less of an exercise in bloody, twisted gore for which the franchise is famous, it succeeds where the others do not. is more of a focused character-driven drama than the others. This is one of the best entries in the series and is definitely worth a watch.

It is not designed to gain new fans, but not knowing much or anything about the previous movies is actually not much of a problem. Fans will appreciate the story but will be disappointed by the lack of gore. With no sign of ending, the series could continue for a while thanks to this solid new addition.