Zombieland satirizes horror film genre

The typical zombie film always seems to bring the same images to mind: hordes and hordes of slow-moving zombies that desperately try to fill their insatiable hunger for human flesh. Frankly, this cliché for zombie flicks is going out of style.

Ruben Fleischer’s satirizes this formula in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of . While some similarities do exist between the two movies, does much more in 80 minutes of film.

Fleischer’s walks a very fine line between zombie horror movie and hilarious comedy, and this is definitely not an easy task.

All of the typical zombie cliches are present, but the director expertly uses these clichés for comedic effect.

Instead of instilling fear in the hearts of its audience, simply tries to make its audience laugh. Even the most hard-to-please moviegoers will surely bust a gut even before the opening credits are over.

The plot of every typical zombie movie seems to be the same: a deadly virus that turns people into flesh-eating monsters begins to infect the population, and the survivors must do anything and everything to stay alive.

Unfortunately, this plot is now old hat, and serious zombie movies almost always fall flat because of this. really does nothing new with its comedic twist, but does that really matter?

The answer is yes. This movie actually benefits from including all of the zombie genre’s cliches because it brilliantly succeeds at satirizing the entire genre.

Fleischer’s film begins by introducing the narrator/main character who is only known to the audience as Columbus because that is his hometown. Columbus is a neurotic college student with irritable bowel syndrome who tends to keep to himself.

For this reason, he has managed to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of for such a long time. Over time, he developed a list of rules that he must follow to stay alive, and these rules show up throughout the movie in the form of funny on-screen captions.

Jesse Eisenberg, a relatively new actor who looks a little bit like ’s Michael Cera, does great job with this character.

In the movie, Columbus is trying to go back to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio to see if his family is still alive.

On his way there, he soon finds another survivor. This man refers to himself as Tallahassee because he is on his way to Tallahassee. Woody Harrelson delivers his best acting role in years with this character.

Tallahassee is an emotional man with a rock-hard exterior who is good at doing just one thing: killing zombies. To him, killing zombies is a game, and he clearly has fun with it.

If you thought this movie could not get anymore ridiculous, then you were definitely wrong because the best part about Harrelson’s character is that his entire motivation for survival is based on finding Twinkies.

On their search for Twinkies in an abandoned grocery store, Columbus and Tallahassee come across two conniving sisters who con them out of their car, guns, and supplies. Columbus and Tallahassee refer to the older girl as Wichita and the younger girl as Little Rock.

These two sisters are extremely crafty, and they repeatedly outsmart Columbus and Tallahassee.

One of the best parts of this movie is the great chemistry between all four of the main characters. They are often reluctant to trust each other and they are often at odds, even as they rely on one another to survive.

In the end, they are still forced to work together because flesh-eating zombies are definitely good at making people set aside their differences.

Zombieland is definitely the funniest movie to hit the box office since Todd Philips’ came out a few a months ago.

It’s so full of excitement, laughs,and allusions to pop culture that moviegoers will have a hard time not enjoying themselves. While this movie certainly isn’t Oscar-worthy, it will definitely entertain its audience.

Although movie tickets are pretty expensive these days, is more than worth spending ten dollars to see it in theaters, and fans of parodies or zombie movies should definitely not pass this one up.