Girlfriend indulges in fantasy

Imagine a world where your two best friends, both inappropriately hilarious and most importantly, less attractive than you, are the only two other persons of your gender.

Imagine a world composed of only alluring and inviting members of the opposite sex all seemingly interested in you and only you. Imagine a world where you rule supreme in a social life ordinary enough to be believable, but not mundane enough to be dull, all the while without lifting of a finger.

Alas, imagination is no longer the only way as Comedy Central can now make all of these fantasies come true plus even more every Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. with the brand new feel-good comedy series, .

Originally an internet sensation by the same name, is a point-of-view television series complete with a first-person perspective that allows the viewers to be the star of a carefully crafted and designed fantasy life with the people in it chosen for them.

To further incorporate this concept successfully, the main character, “you,” as the viewer, is never given a name but rather always referred to instead as “dude” or “babe,” depending on the addresser, or simply “Hi.”

Though this was an attempt to relate more to the audience, the main character whose point of view is shared by the audiences is predetermined to be a male in his mid ‘20s.

The plot of the show generally involves “you” trying to balance your life between the cute, fun and outgoing secret girlfriend Jessica (Sara E. R. Fletcher) and your bipolar, psycho ex-girlfriend, Mandy (Alexis Krause), with whom you still maintain an on-again-off-again physical relationship. However, the conflicts between love and lust are often complemented by the absurd shenanigans that you and your best friends Phil (Derek Miller) and Sam (Michael Blaiklock) regularly get into.

Each of these four main characters is unique and entertaining in their own right, making the show more than just a series of random clips but rather a nicely composed story with fully developed casts.

The show, however, with its overwhelming amount of sexual content, is seemingly targeted to a specific audience. But in reality the show can truly be enjoyed by all lovers of comedy.

While a large majority of ’s humor does come through the exaggeration of its sexual content, it is never vulgar or distasteful. It is always complemented by some other jokes that simply utilize the sexuality and turn it into true humor.

The result is non-offensive, non-degrading comedy that can be enjoyed by more than just people who cannot afford HBO. Furthermore, the breakthrough point-of-view style of really helps the audience to not only focus on the story within the show and around them, but also intensifies every bit of humor as every bit of absurdness that is happening now is happening to the audience member and no longer to some random character in the cast.

So now, whether you can get wine for the lovely girl in the pool or win a game of kickball to impress Jessica matters more than ever before.

However, there is still the safety net that even “you” are just another character and anything bad that happens to you can still be outright hilarious. successfully uses this first-person element found often in video games and fully utilizes it to create something unique and entertaining.

Although the audience is now fully involved in all kinds of awkward situations through the first person perspective, never lets the audience feel any pressure at any given moment.

Whenever an awkward or hard-hitting situation comes up, it’ll always resolve itself smoothly by the rest of the cast or the show will immediately cut to the next scene.

This allows the audience to fully enjoy all of the greatness in indulging in a fantasy life without ever having to pay the price of having to deal with certain situations.

Overall, is surprisingly entertaining. Its absurd form of comedy combined with the finesse in successfully balancing sexuality and humor with an approach that is both fresh and innovative.

This is a show that will leave you to crave more the instant it’s over and will surely become the guilty pleasure of many in the near future.