Hype Machine provides alternative for music lovers

In today’s information based society new music is easier to come across then Lady Gaga on the radio. The trick is finding a suitable filter to help sort the trash from the treasure. In 2006 a huge breakthrough occurred in music occurred. Pandora is a music listening site that will generate a playlist of songs similar in nature to the band you entered. This program functions under the assumption that if it finds bands similar to the ones you already like then you’ll keep on listening. Unfortunately if you have used Pandora than you know it is far from being the ultimate jukebox. If you sit and listen to Pandora for more than one day a week it will seem like some songs are repeating themselves. Pandora’s setup only allows for a small amount of songs to be used, thus creating a shortage of new melodies to caress your ear drums. The second and most fatal flaw is the inability to re-listen to music you like. If you find some life-changing song you will have to go elsewhere to listen again or you could sit on your computer for another two hours to see if it comes on again. Here is one alternative.

is a music site that tracks music blogs worldwide. The bloggers who write these songs are the people who are going to the hole in the wall concerts ready to find the next Beatles, David Bowie, whatever. Hype Machine allows you to favorite the songs and add them to playlists so you can listen to them again and also lets you favorite the blogger you like so when they post songs you will be instantly updated. Also the site lets you see the most popular songs from the past three days which makes it quite easy to find new good music.