WaterHaven restaurant: Tech square gains an intimate modern dining option

The dilemma: You’ve mustered up the courage to finally ask that cute guy or girl out to dinner, but you’re pretty sure that Moe’s wouldn’t quite convey the classiness you’re aiming for. You would gladly drive your date to one of the many nice restaurants that Atlanta has to offer, but sadly your only means of transportation are your feet. What is a young college student to do?

Fortunately, Tech Square has a new restaurant to offer those who are looking for a finer dining experience. Taking the place of what was previously The Globe, WaterHaven is now open and offers a nice variety of fine American cuisine.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing; dim, globe lighting illuminates the restaurant’s earthy and neutral color scheme, while small candles rest on each table to further create a peaceful mood. There is low-key music that plays in the background, and, overall, WaterHaven is a nice, quiet place where you will never have to yell across the table for your company to hear you.

The service is both friendly and prompt, returning to the table regularly to ensure that everything has turned out well or to ask if anything else is needed. They are also helpful in making a dish recommendation or clarifying specifics on the menu.

But the most important thing, of course, is the food. Appetizers range from southern favorites like Shrimp and Grit Cakes and Fried Green Tomatoes to restaurant standards like House and Caesar Salads. For those who enjoy crab cakes, WaterHaven offers a terrific version that is perfectly sized for two to share.

Dinner entrees include an impressive selection of meat dishes including trout, halibut, chicken, salmon, oxtail, steak, lamb and pork.

For those in the mood for something a little lighter, the Fresh Vegetable Plate is always offered and contains vegetables chosen daily by the chef.

My choice for dinner was the Georgia Trout – a pan-seared cut covered in Applewood smoked bacon. The trout itself was very good, and even better was its side dish – the Mushroom Lasagna – that needs to be experienced by anyone with even a passing interest in mushrooms.

Other than their delicious dinner menu, WaterHaven offers a lunch menu containing various sandwiches and salads to choose from. Also, those interested in wine will be pleased to know WaterHaven is home to over 60 wines.

But for all WaterHaven has going for it, there are still a couple of minor drawbacks. The first (and likely most important to students) is that the food is somewhat pricey. Most of the appetizers hover near $10 and dinner entrees are around $20.

While this is far from being a deal breaker, it keeps WaterHaven from being a place you will frequently be visiting.

Also, the restaurant gives a vibe that it is aimed at a slightly older crowd. WaterHaven is a perfect spot for business lunches and dinners, but maybe not a place a student should rush into when looking for casual dining.

Overall, WaterHaven is a great date spot and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a more elegant dining experience.