Audiences observe: Report full of laughs

The end of the semester is near, and once again it is time for all of your professors to unleash upon you the thousand stings of projects and tests (all at the same time). You probably have not caught a break ever since coming back from spring break. And on top of it all, you have to walk around Skiles. You want to just sit back, relax and kick some butt, but where are you going to go to get this fantasy of satisfaction? Hannah Montana: The Movie? I don’t think so.

Enter Jody Hill’s Observe and Report, the perfect choice for the season. With this gun-slinging, blood-spewing, genital-flapping, unconventional comedic marvel, all of your stress will surely be washed away.

Head of security Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) protects the Forest Ridge Mall with stern jurisdiction, all the while fantasizing one day of making it to the big leagues with a badge and a gun. The opportunity finally presents itself the day that the peaceful establishment is struck by a flasher, and Barnhardt’s skills are put to the test. The chain of events that follows leads to profound revelations in Barnhardt’s life, including work, family, romance and friendships. However, Barnhardt eventually overcomes all odds with the hot trigger of justice and the blood-pumped fists of persistency.

The movie was, just as expected, superbly hilarious. The story is very predictable and straightforward, though not meaningless. The linear plot will be very unnoticeable, as you will be too busy laughing the entire time.

If you enjoy complicated story progressions that turn at every corner and throw you off the rollercoaster of plot twists, this would not be the movie or the genre for you.

Part of what made the movie a huge success is the amazing cast and the vast range of characters. Rogen’s character, Barnhardt, suffers bipolar disorder and overdramatizes every situation through his delusion of grandeur.

This provides the basis for the majority of the jokes in the film. Barnhardt, while laughable, is a modern-day hero and gains the audience’s respect. He is a man who is not afraid to pursue his dreams despite the limitations presented to him.

Barnhardt’s sidekicks, Dennis (Michael Peña) and the Yuen twins (the Yuan twins), provide a lot of laughs despite the blunt racial stereotypes that they represent. The twins are an especially hilarious addition to the team with their constant grins and wise nods.

Anna Faris (Brandi) is the perfect comedy version of the self-absorbed hot girl, no doubt due to her experience playing that type of role. She is the stereotypical shallow but attractive girl that we all hate ourselves deeply for loving. On the other hand, Collete Wolfe (Nell) portrayed the sweet loving girl that is the foil to Faris’s character.

However, neither could beat Celia Weston’s performance as Barnhardt’s alcoholic and inappropriate, but still honest and loving mother. The female cast brings a strong comedic presence not far behind their male counterparts.

The music choices for the film were quite enjoyable as well. A collection of The Animals, Pixies and other classic oldies brings the movie to another level of enjoyment while carrying the story’s progression and mood.

Overall, the film’s style is very similar to Pineapple Express, a comedy hit also starring Rogen. Fans of Pineapple Express will definitely enjoy Observe and Report as it includes many familiar faces. Both movies include a gratuitous amount of unnecessary explosions, cursing and fist fights, but it is exactly this over-exaggeration that makes both films so entertaining.

However, Observe and Report is not a stoner flick in any sense and achieves more character and general meaning.

Like mentioned above on several occasions, Observe and Report is not for the faint of heart or those who are sensitive to social stereotypes or strong language. Many of the jokes in the film revolve around these controversial topics. Open-minded audiences who take these situations lightly will find a gold mine, while others might not enjoy them as much.

So whether it is to see Rogen breaking skateboards on teenage skaters’ backs or single-handedly taking on a dozen policemen with a flashlight in Neo-Matrix style, this movie cannot be missed. The 90 minutes of adventure takes you on a journey of ecstasy away from school and all thoughts related.

If you’ve been down, this movie is the perfect way for you to regain that kick-butt feeling. If not, it’s still an amazing experience.