Whitest Kids begins new season of witty show

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran into an old friend while carrying a gallon of PCP, or if a completely inept flight commander of the space shuttle came to work on launch day with a big bag full of candy and potatoes?

Fortunately, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, a stellar comedy troupe from New York City, have wondered this, and the results are incredible. Rife with completely off-the-wall and random sketches, The Whitest Kids hilariously and dangerously experiment with anything and everything in the completely uncensored environment of the IFC channel.

With a penchant for turning ordinary circumstances into the extraordinary (and vice versa), the Monty Pythonesque The Whitest Kids U’ Know continues to redefine sketch comedy in its third season.

With only five recurring cast members (Trevor Moore, Zach Cregger, Sam Brown, Darren Trumeter and Timmy Williams), The Whitest Kids have few members to work with, oftentimes requiring one or more of them to dress up in drag to complete the sketch. Awkward?

Yes, but also incredible. The transformation really highlights each member’s ability to deliver quality lines in any setting. The acting is surprisingly terrific in that each cast member can, with a straight face, act out the most bizarre circumstances.

The surreal, stream-of-consciousness format of the show allows for several sketches per episode with little to no repeating characters, stories or events. Common themes are present throughout including overprotective and domineering fathers, anachronistic historical events, insubordinate and stupid children and dinosaurs.

What makes The Whitest Kids so darn funny is that there is rarely a punch line, and if one exists, it is merely for closure and not solely for comedic effect. The acting is so befitting to each skit that the gestures, body language and emphasis on individual words in the dialogue alone are enough to elicit laughter.

Trevor is a master of physical comedy and song, Zach is convincingly childish, Sam has the best expressions of excitement and aggravation, Darren is uncomfortably appropriate in drag and Timmy is hilariously awkward. Together, the five of them play up their individual strengths, using each other to create some of the funniest sketches in recent memory.

Complementing their skits are music videos featured once every few shows. To those unfamiliar with the show itself, The Whitest Kids’ music videos are frequently featured on websites that compile internet humor. Popular songs include “Dinosaur Rap” and the hilarious “Get a New Daddy.”

Unfortunately, their show hasn’t gone unnoticed by exploitive companies who have actually stolen their content. Remember Budweiser’s 2007 Super Bowl ad where fist-bumping is replaced by slapping each other in the face? Yeah, that was a Whitest Kids sketch back in 2005.

Already recognized as the stars of the show, Trevor and his friend Zach have branched out to pursue more mainstream comedy, including their anticipated March release of Miss March.

With three seasons of a popular and very funny sketch comedy show along with a new movie already under their belt, The Whitest Kids U’ Know undoubtedly has a very bright future ahead of them.