Lost premiere hard to follow

By Allyn Woodward

Contributing Writer

The two-hour series premiere of Lost aired Wednesday, Jan. 21 to an audience seeking answers about the lives of the Oceanic 6. The fifth season of Lost picks up three years after the six returned home, which seemed to be a blessing. However, after last week’s episode, we see that it is actually not a safe haven for the survivors.

After escaping the island, the Oceanic 6 attempt to integrate back into society. As they lie about the details of their survival, their paths separate. While some move on, others try to cover up the guilt of leaving the others on the island that disappeared. However, in a series of clips, the six soon learn that they were never meant to return as fellow Oceanic 6, as Dr. Jack Shephard warned.

In the first episode, the viewers gain insight into the 1970 and ‘80 Dharma initiative by the discovery of the energy and wheel capable of manipulating time. Soon, the viewers discover that the island did not actually disappear or move as the Oceanic 6 believe. Instead, all the people left on the island are stuck in a continuum of time travel where the only indication of this occurrence is a blinding light and mysterious siren.

While those left behind discover their time-traveling state with the help of Daniel Faraday, the Oceanic 6 are leading different lives in the present. Sun, Sayid, Charles, Hurley, Jack and Kate are split up. Benjamin Linus, former leader of the Hostels, tries to bring the Oceanic 6 back together to return to the island. Unknown to Dr. Shephard, Linus escaped the island by harnessing the energy from the wheel and manipulating the island’s time three years earlier. This therefore created the stranded survivors’ dilemma.

By the end of the first episode, the Oceanic 6 all decide to go back to the island after a string of events forces each to reconsider their decision to return. The episode mainly focuses on Hurley’s attempt to save Sayid after multiple attacks from unknown men.

Without the hour-long, in-depth synopsis of the preceding seasons and characters, new viewers would be utterly confused by the flashbacks. In some cases, even continuous watchers could be confused. For new watchers, the show may not be appreciated due to a lack of knowledge of the show.

For religious watchers, the new season seems to be bringing in more answers than questions. Though small details seem to frazzle the audience, this is quickly resolved by the following scenes. So for the viewers sending out an “SOS” for insight about their adored show, this season will be sure to answer questions.