Album: Ultra Beatdown by Dragonforce

With many thanks to Guitar Hero III, Dragonforce has become somewhat of a legend; finishing “Through the Fire and the Flames” on Expert is a feat only accomplished by the godliest and the loneliest. Regardless, the group with the most radical guitar solos around is back to rock your face again. On Ultra Beatdown, listeners will be treated to songs sporting titles such as “Heartbreak Armageddon.”

DVD: The Office: Season 4

Everyone’s favorite paper company once again returned to DVD this past Tuesday. After last season’s writers’ strike, most shows felt the hit; episodes were cancelled and schedules were disjointed. The Office was one of the unfortunate shows that was plagued by the strike, but now through the magic of DVD, Dunder Mifflin fans can rejoice. This 4-disc set comes with all 14 aired episodes, some of which are a full hour, and extras including deleted scenes and episode commentaries.

Video Game: Rock Band 2

Sept. 14 is right around the corner, and with it will come the sequel to last year’s most rocking game. Rock Band 2 will feature over 80 tracks on the game disc itself with additional tracks to be released as free downloads in the fall. Rock Band 2 will first be released on the Xbox 360 followed by releases on Playstation and Wii a month later.

Movie: Bangkok Dangerous

This weekend at the theater, catch up on movies that have already been released. However, if you have exhausted everything else the cinema has to offer you, there is one new release that may satisfy your action hunger. In Bangkok Dangerous, Nicholas Cage plays an assassin who travels to Thailand to eliminate four individuals. The film is a remake of a 1999 film of the same title.

TV: Raising the Bar

Steven Bochco, creator of epic primetime dramas including NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues, has decided that television does not have enough courtroom dramas. To remedy this blatant oversight, Bochco has created Raising the Bar for TNT, a legal series starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his absurd hair (better known for his earlier role as Zack Morris on the old-school 90s series Saved by the Bell). The premiere was not the most engaging and simply felt like every other drama of its kind, but Bochco’s knack for winning Emmys may prove this show still has legs. Raising the Bar premiered Sept. 1 on TNT.