Do you think all the new stuff coming out is garbage? Do you long for the music and movies of yesteryear? Then you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to reminisce!

One of the greatest childhood movies of our generation was The Sandlot; it is the beloved story about a group of friends dealing with growing up, baseball, hot women and giant monster-dogs. Daryoush Vaqar, fourth-year ME major, reminisces about this old childhood favorite:

“The Sandlot; you don’t have to say anything else. Everything about the movie screams childhood fantasy. The Sandlot is the perfect summertime kid movie. Looking back on it now, the characters were awesome (you can’t beat Squints and YaYa), the music was amazing, the setting was even better and the plot was ridiculous but entertaining.

Basically, the dorky new kid has to try to figure out how to play ball so that his summer doesn’t suck and he can make friends. Also, one of the best kid fantasies in the world: kissing the hot life guard after intentionally drowning yourself. “He kissed her long and he kissed her good.” I’m laughing just thinking about it!

The Sandlot embodies the dream childhood every kid wishes they could have. I wish I could run off and play baseball all day, go to the pool, and hit on older women.

I would say that The Sandlot is timeless, but I think it will last ‘FOREVER, FOREVER’ as one of the greatest movies of my life.”