Your Top Hits!

Do you think all the new stuff coming out is garbage? Do you long for the music and movies of yesteryear? Each week we’ll feature your top hits of all time!

Remember those sweet days of innocence when having a children’s show that scared the pants off of you was completely acceptable? What ever happened to those fantastically scary TV shows from the days of yore? Getting scared out of your mind is what I call entertainment. Kids these days are too desensitized due to bad television and could all use a good scare (and a good pee-in-their-pants). This is why we have decided to rekindle the Midnight Society with the spooky favorite Are You Afraid of the Dark? for this week’s Your Top Hits!

Christina Biggs, an upcoming third-year Mechanical Engineering student, had this to say about this ‘90s, SNICK classic:

“One of my favorite shows growing up was Are You Afraid of the Dark?. I liked how

each episode was creepy and had plot twists. It was like Steven King for pre-

teens. Some episodes were a little disturbing but it was thrilling! Actually

now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll probably go watch an episode off YouTube. “