YOUR Top Hits: Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind became famous in the early 90s, even before the group signed to a label. The band’s debut self-titled album was just the thing to draw in lots of impressionable young kids. Fourth-year Management major Michael Gabriel reminisces on this old favorite:

“Third Eye Blind’s self-titled first album came out in the late 90s, while I was in middle school. I got sucked into it because of the obvious hits found on the album: ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ and ‘Jumper.’ Some of the album’s other tracks, particularly ‘Losing a Whole Year,’ ‘How’s It Going to Be’ and ‘Graduate,’ quickly grew on me and made the album an easy favorite. While Third Eye Blind is certainly front-loaded in quality, even the latter tracks have become personal favorites over the years and have helped the entire album stay among the most consistently played music in my collection for over a decade.”

Do you think all the new stuff coming out is garbage? Do you long for the music and movies of yesteryear? Then you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to reminisce!

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