YOUR Top Hits

There’s something about sport videogames that has always been a little bit dull. While going head-to-head against one of your friends in a virtual Super Bowl certainly brings a level of excitement and trash-talking, it is ultimately hampered by the fact that sports can have rules that are boring. Midway, a video game developer, realized that football games had this unfortunate problem and decided to remedy it. No longer would over-the-top wrestling moves and loud, obnoxious taunts be inexplicably absent from games of pigskin. For those who have been looking for an excuse to dust off that old Nintendo 64 or Playstation, Robert Cassidy, 4th-year Management major, may be able to help. He gives us four concise reasons as to why Blitz is totally rad:

“1. Blitz is the least football game ever. It’s the football game for people who don’t like football. 2. It was the last game I remember where you could visually input codes (Z five times, A four times, B once and Up for Infinite Turbo). 3. Quick Dish is the best play ever. 4. The general brutality. Pass Interference and Late Hits – oh my God.”

Do you think all the new stuff coming out is garbage? Do you long for the music and movies of yesteryear? Then you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to reminisce!

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