YOUR Top Hits

Hearing one of your favorite songs from way back when or catching a movie on television that was a childhood favorite can bring great memories flooding back. Our newest column in the entertainment section of the ‘Nique helps to do just that. It is our hope that you, our reader, will get a little bit nostalgic and decide to revisit some childhood favorites.

Fourth-year Aerospace Engineering major Tyler Sartin reminisced about some of his favorite music while growing up back in the day:

“My favorite CDs when I was growing up were Nirvana—Nevermind, Green Day—Dookie, and The Cranberries’ No Need to Argue… because they were the only ones that I got when I was a kid for my birthday—my eighth birthday. So I didn’t really choose to have them… but I loved them anyways.”

Tyler continued, “My favorite song from Nirvana was probably ‘In Bloom’ or ‘Drain You.’ ‘Drain You’ is great. And then from Dookie, ‘Basket Case’—remember that song?”

Tyler didn’t mention this, but I’d like to add that “Zombie” from No Need to Argue is also awesome.