New Familiars dish out fun acoustic folk

Tonight, raw talent and musical emotion are going to rip into cozy Eddie’s Attic. The New Familiars offer an organic acoustic sound. Deeply rooted in southern folk music, the band also interestingly blends in alternative country rock and dabbles in progressive rock. Their influences span from greats like the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan, to Tool, Jane’s Addiction and Ryan Adams.

Justin Fedor, their whimsically melodic vocalist/guitarist/mandolin extraordinaire, explained, “Our music, which is influenced heavily by Appalachian and Carolinas folk, is an open artistic expression of emotions: envy, love, loss, hate. However, our band has always been an open forum for all the members. Everyone has a story to tell and a different way of telling it. That’s how we see our music: storytelling. So everyone in The New Familiars takes turns writing songs and telling their side of their emotions or reactions. I think that’s how we have such a varied and eclectic sound.”

There is a bridge in this band that will fill the vast gaps between your father’s generation and this one. Furthermore, their music is exclusively acoustic.

“The sounds of acoustic instruments are so true and honest in their tone and emotion. We try to allow our instruments to be as organic as our expression of our music. We think that people appreciate that. The authenticity is the lack of glitz and glam in our music,” Fedor said.

The New Familiars are working on a new full LP album, which will be released in April of this year. This will add to their other EPs that have been released: The Storm, The Black Rose and The Red Rose.

The New Familiars stick to their musical guns as they bring foot-stomping, hand-clapping folk rock to Eddie’s Attic at 9 p.m. on Feb. 22. If you thirst for some low down, authentic Smoky Mountain folk music then look no further than Eddie’s Attic tonight.