The triumphs and unity of Black excellence at Tech

Eight, a number that represents victory, the number of prosperity and the number of overcoming. 

Eight, the number of semesters it takes to graduate from Tech. However, what is the real significance of eight in this context? Beyond its numerical connotation, the number eight holds a deeper meaning at Tech, where it mirrors the percentage of black students within the Institution. 

This dual role of the number quantifies not only academic progression but also serves as a numerical representation of the challenges and achievements faced by a diverse community at Tech. 

In essence, the number eight becomes a tangible symbol reflecting the institution’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and the collective pursuit of excellence. This is “Black Georgia Tech” (BGT) — a straightforward representation that encapsulates the triumphs, struggles and diverse experiences of its student body. 

In the environment of this PWI (Predominantly White Institution), a group of students thrive within what is affectionately known as BGT. 

Here, the tight-knit community fosters a sense of belonging, providing a space for connection and support. 

Within BGT, a plethora of organizations, events, Divine Nine fraternities and sororities and ethnic communities come together to form a vibrant
and thriving community. It was through my roommate that I discovered an incredible freshman leadership organization called Lambda Delta Rho (LDR), a part of the Georgia Tech Society of Black Engineers. Joining LDR was a game changer for me — not only did I get to meet a lot of amazing black students, but I also had the chance to develop my leadership skills. Being part of LDR opened the door to a whole array of black organizations at the Institute for me. 

Being from Haiti, I naturally felt drawn to the Caribbean Students Association, where I could connect with others who shared my background. 

What struck me profoundly was realizing that being a Black student encompasses more than just being African-American. 

It includes African students, Caribbean Students and even Black students from Europe — a diverse mix of backgrounds. 

Through the numerous opportunities that BGT has given me, I was able to reach my goals. 

The connections I’ve made with students became instrumental in encouraging me towards my professional goals as well. Engaging with various recruiters opened doors I hadn’t imagined. These interactions weren’t merely networking events; they were genuine conversations where
I felt seen and valued. 

It was through these encounters that I secured my first interview for a new internship, marking a pivotal milestone in my academic and professional journey. 

The support, help and mentorships  embedded in BGT played a crucial role in preparing me for that interview, whether it was participating in resume workshops or mock interviews organized by organizations within BGT. 

“Black Georgia Tech” isn’t just a place where you find your groove; it’s an expansive, welcoming family with an abundance of different groups. 

Looking back, I am incredibly thankful for how BGT has been a significant part of my journey. 

It’s not just about fitting in; it’s about discovering your place and growing together. 

The uplifting BGT community on campus has poured so much into me, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

As we celebrate Black History Month, this narrative serves as a testament to the resilience, diversity and unity within the black student community at Tech. 

Just as eight can symbolize overcoming, let this be an inspiration to embrace the richness of Black history and continue the legacy of triumph against all odds. Spanning from the discovery of leadership opportunities in organizations to building connections that propelled me towards professional goals, every experience has been a stepping stone in my academic and personal growth. 

BGT isn’t just a community; it is a family that fosters growth, support and an
unwavering sense of belonging. 

As the number eight symbolizes overcoming, let it be a continuation of the legacy of triumph against all odds. 

It echoes the spirit of resilience and perserverence that defines the
heart of “Black Georgia Tech.”