On Friday, March 28, the Office of Student Integrity (OSI) disbanded the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Tech until May 15, 2017, effectively ending the organization’s right to be recognized as a Chartered Student Organization and requiring that the chapter premises be vacated before May 6.

These sanctions take place almost five months after the chapter was placed on probation following the ubiquitous “rape bait” email.

Based on its investigations in the case, OSI found multiple instances where the chapter violated the rules set forth by that probationary letter that have occurred since the original probation began on Nov. 1, 2013.

The first violation occurred when two fraternity members, one of whom was Matthew Petersen, the author of the “rape bait” email, furnished alcohol to minors, according to GTPD Incident Report 14020433. Both Petersen and the other fraternity member were underage at that time and also consumed alcohol. This was in clear violation of section C1a of the Student Code of Conduct, which prohibits underage use or possession of alcohol.

According to the official letter from OSI to the fraternity that was obtained by the Technique, additional reasons for Phi Kappa Tau’s dismissal include a “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent and endangers women,” the nonremoval of fraternity members who pose a risk to others and other incidents where drinking was permitted in chapter meetings. This is corroborated by various chapter meeting minutes and emails obtained by the Technique from the OSI.

*TRIGGER WARNING: The following text contains strong language and graphic descriptions of sexual violence.* 

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Excerpts from Chapter Meetings

The following is a list of excerpts that were taken from the Phi Kappa Tau chapter meetings which summarized, at the discretion of the person taking the meeting minutes, reports by various leaders within the organization. 

Risk Encouragement: “-Rape is good”

Social: “Watch out for rapebait”

Formal: “Formal Plan: Gatlinburg..Big cabin with separate rooms…ayyyy ;)”

Alumni/Misc: “The police are coming…hide yo drugs…cuz we are keeping the suit”

“…tried to stop us from selling drugs FAILS”

Exec VP: “Brother’s Retreat: Next weekend…Biue moon, 3 bud lights, I keystone for pledges (haze the fuck out of them if they don’t finish)”

Leadership: “right futures is for bitches. Drink faster or you are a cunt. Go to jacketpages.edu and join an organization …..or just say you did.”

Fun Police: “[redacted] and [redacted] get drunk and crash…[redacted] subjected to two hours of gay sex…kissing involved.”

Poet Laureate: “Always ID before laying the D”

View the original Phi Kappa Tau meeting minutes

Email Excerpts: “Social Stuff”

The following  is an excerpt from an email sent to Phi Kappa Tau actives regarding a recent party that had recently taken place.

“Solid party Friday! A few things about it though:

l. If you are sober monitor, that includes DRUGS. Don’t do them ifyou are supposed to be sober monitor.

2. The pledges rock! I’m pretty sure they drank more in that night then all the JAs combined for the whole semester. They definitely hooked up with more girls that the fall haha”

View the original emails

Fraternal Songs

The following is one of the songs required by the fraternity required pledges to sing both after initiation and at their Christmas party.


Leader: Who can take a bicycle,
Group: Who can take a bicycle,
Leader: Tear off the seat.
Group: Tear off the seat.
Leader: Impale a virgin on it, and push her down a bumpy street.
Leader: The S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Leader: Oh the S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Chorus: The S &M man,
‘Cause he mixes it with love,
And makes the hurt feel good
Makes the hurt feel good.
Who can take two ice picks
Stick ‘em in her ears
Ride her like a Harley while he pokes her in the rear
Who can take two jumper cables
Hook ‘em to her tits
Turn on the juice and electrocute the bitch
Who can go to an abortion clinic
Sneak around the back
Rummage through the dumpster and find a tasty snack
Who can take a blender
Stick it in her cunt
Turn the sucker on and purrate her little twat
Who can take some acid
Pour it on her twat
Then watch the cunt muffin rot
Who can take a bottle
Shove it up her ass
Hit her with a bat and shatter all the glass
Who can take a tight slut
Fuck her ‘till she cries
Then pull it out real fast and skeet into her eyes
Who can take a chainsaw
Saw the bitch in two
Take the top half and give the bottom half to you
Who can take a razor blade
give her a nasty cut
and then use the blood to lube up her butt


  • P.S. Wallace

    The second-worst naval officer I ever knew while I was on active-duty was a hard-core frat guy trying to make the Ready Room into his second frat. Now I think I understand a little more about that guy’s mindset, and what made him such a jerk.

    • Jacket111

      Yeah I know what you mean. That whole Catholic priest abuse cover up a while back really helped explain why that one Minister I knew was such a jerk.

  • DressHerInWhite&Gold

    This is not what being in a fraternity is about and while this is a reflection of one fraternity’s thoughts, it is also a reflection of what students at this school are unfazed by. Notice no brother from this fraternity came forward with this because he was appalled or objected to saying these words. It wasn’t until someone from a different school reported a disturbing email they had seen that the fraternity was even investigated. While I am happy that the fraternity has been disbanded, I am worried that the boys who sang these songs and said these things are still on campus. We have prevented them from meeting and hosting parties on campus, but that doesn’t mean we have prevented them from thinking these things and glorifying the violence towards women.

    • disqus_gaTmezVDLP

      If we admonish this behavior on our campus we’d have to ban every single frat.

      • CopyEdit

        Or at least reform them. But if every frat is like this, then yes, they should all be banned. (I have heard that at least one frat makes its pledges go to bystander intervention though, so they are not all bad.)

      • buzzbuzzgt

        You know nothing, this is not a reflection of the entire Greek community. You would think Tech students would be intelligent enough to not make sweeping allegations.

      • buzzbuzzgt

        This is not a representation of the entire Greek community at Tech. Please do not make such sweeping allegations.

      • Janet Snakehole

        So what? This behavior is bullshit and unacceptable. It needs to stop, and if fraternities can’t do it on their own then they should be banned until they can.

        • VTHVBE

          From Wikipedia:

          “”The S&M Man” is a drinking song parodying the 1972 hit song “The Candy Man”. “The S&M Man” is well known and commonly sung by Hash House Harriers, Rugby union players, fraternity members, fighter pilots, and Marines. This song also has been used as a running cadence in the military.”

          The guys in Phi Kappa Tau didn’t come up with this song on their own. It has a long history, and has been sung by some of the men who put their lives on the line daily in the U.S. military.

          • Janet Snakehole

            So what? That song is fucked up and goes way beyond being a joke. It’s one thing to joke about having a lot of sex, but those lyrics are violent, awful, and disgusting. Are you trying to argue that it’s all right because some members of the army have sang it? No. Nothing will make that kind of glorification of violence against women okay. Just because some men who have done honorable thing may have sang it doesn’t make it okay. Also, notice how you could never claim that women would sing that? Further proof it’s not okay.

          • CM

            And so the fact that men in the military use this song is okay? And it is okay that military men sing this song that degrades and dehumanizes women, and encourages rape, because they “put their lives on the line?”

            What about the lives of the women who also put their lives on the line every day, and whose lives are destroyed when they are raped by their colleagues in the military? The culture of rape is just as bad in the military as it is in some of the fraternities, and just as tolerated.

            “The Department of Defense’s 2012 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military estimates there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the military last year, up 35 percent from 19,000 in 2011.” (http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/17159-are-the-armed-forces-a-rape-culture). A culture of misogyny and rape is entrenched in the military and in fraternities–maybe not in every part, but it is endemic.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Those men in the military who could sing such a song, also deserve nothing but revulsion and rejection in a civilised society. I was in the Australian army and whilst we had ribald songs nothing came even close to such disturbing perversion.

          • Spidertech1

            I was in the Army for 9 years and worked close with Marines and other branches during my time in. This was the first time I ever even heard of the “The S&M Man” song. Wikipedia is not the best source for reliable information.

      • Thinkingcapon

        is banning the solution, or should reforming and re-educating be introduced? Sometimes it’s easier to take this zero tolerance style approach, but is that in the best interest of the school and the kids?
        Think about the future of the school and the kids

        • arcade_gannon

          I had a long conversation with my boyfriend about this earlier, because he gave me some idea about the male perspective on this. I would suggest they undergo some kind of education about sexual violence if they want to stay at the Institute. I would also suggest that GT implement that Greek organizations have mandatory classes about informed consent and sexual violence. I am not in sorority so IDK how feasible that is/ what kind of jurisdiction GT has. I think thoughtful education (for both sexes) could do a lot of good.

          • Tim

            This education already exists for Georgia Tech fraternities.

        • Rodzilla

          At the very least, if it was explained that the reason fraternities were not allowed was because of this type of behaviour, it would point out that the University was not going to accept plotting violence against women. I agree that there should be a mandatory course which educated against these unacceptable behaviors.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Then ban them because *news flash* this is unacceptable in a civilised society.

      • Rodzilla

        So, then, your point is……….?
        We should not allow fraternities if they are just breeding grounds for violence against women?

    • Yours in White and Gold

      I would argue that the student body is actually highly sensitive to these kinds of things. The whole purpose of article, in my opinion, is to expose the more explicit cultural trends that are found within the community.

      In addition, the fraternity was investigated after the email was sent, not in response to outside feedback. Perhaps the institution didn’t find out instantly, but nevertheless, Tech doesn’t like to allow these kinds of things to take place. Please check your facts before derailing the Institution’s judicial system.

    • VTHVBE

      Exactly how do you expect to prevent young men aged 18 to 22 years old from “thinking these things”? People were saying this sort of stuff when I was an undergraduate back in the 70’s, and I’m sure they were saying it long before I was even born.

      You’d be amazed how many normal, decent, productive citizens sang obscene songs like this in their youth, because it was raunchy and funny at the time, especially after you had a few beers in you.

      • DressHerInWhite&Gold

        If it were up to me, I would prevent them from thinking these things by removing the influence of others who claim “boys will be boys” or this is always the way it has been, so why change. If they are not constantly told by the people in their lives that this behavior is fine, maybe they will learn to respect others and not visualize violating every person that walks by them.

        I am sure that I would be amazed by the people and number of people that believed this song or type of language was ever appropriate or funny. But I think you would be amazed by the number of rapists and people who sexually assault others work with you, live with you, or are around you. I think you would also be amazed at the number of people you love who have been sexually assaulted and would be disgusted that their loved one sang about rape and the mutilation of women. Just something to think about when you next see a woman you love and remember that someone might be singing this about her.

      • This guy

        Well sorry to disappoint you alumni, but times are changing. Times are getting better and people in my generation who have any sense or respect for other humans don’t need to disrespect anyone in order to have fun “especially after you had a few beers in you”

      • Rodzilla

        This kind of thinking obviously gets fostered at home. If a child is raised properly, they would not participate in this kind of behavior. By the way I reacted to this article, I am sure I would be disgusted if any group I belonged to acted this way. I know I would not participate, and fairly sure I would report it.

      • about to hulk out on you

        There is nothing funny under any circumstances about violence against women. This is the most idiotic piece of poop argument I have ever had the displeasure of encountering.

  • Offended

    I honestly cannot believe that the Technique printed the S&M song. I am not easily offended and I have a high tolerance for foul language, but that was incredibly disgusting and questionable at best.

    • DressHerInWhite&Gold

      I am glad they printed it and I think the fact that people are more outraged about the posting of this than the actual content is the exact reason they needed to print it. It is incredibly foul and offensive, but it will also hopefully move the school and students to make changes and ultimately benefit the entire Tech community.

    • Sam

      You realize there was a warning, right?

      • Rambler

        Sure, it’s far easier to blame the voice of the student body (Technique) for exposing the secrets and actions of depraved minds than it is to break ranks and blame the guilty. Just as the administration firmly needed to handle this violation of women, the Code of Conduct and values Tech is built upon (and they did with swift action it seems), the Technique needed to expose exactly what was said and done. In a world where we skirt around the facts, it is honorable that a “news source” isn’t allowed to do what is expected, expose the truth. The newspaper didn’t say or do these horrible, unforgivable and malicious things, the men choosing to partake in these vial actions and words are to be held accountable. Place your frustration and anger on those responsible, not the messenger.

  • Name

    The student accused at this fraternity was expelled before the trial even took place so…

    • BAH

      the student who was “accused” was the one who wrote the letters. Not one of the ones who are under investigation from sexual assualt.

  • Name

    These are all songs found in the paperback GT Marching band song book.
    GT should look into that.

    • VTHVBE

      We sang songs every bit as bad when I was an undergraduate in the seventies. The difference was that we didn’t have social media and email to immortalize them forever.

      This is typical 18-22 year-old smack talk and locker-room banter. You put any group of young men together, and you’ll hear stuff exactly like this, and worse.

      • Janet Snakehole

        I don’t understand you. Why are you so willing to write this off? It’s dangerous to say this behavior can’t be helped. Men are responsible for their behavior and when their behavior is so vile, it has to be changed. Saying it won’t is equivalent to telling a woman she got raped because her skirt was too short.

      • P.S. Wallace

        Yeah, I’m going to agree there, and don’t think any witchhunt needs to go on. It’s the meeting minutes that make me wonder why it’s a three year suspension of the frat (info via AJC) and not a permanent ban, unless talking about “selling drugs” was just chest-puffing machismo too. This is a case that I think may call for scorched earth, and I say that as someone not a friend of Student Services.

      • arcade_gannon

        Just because it is typical does not mean that it is okay. It is completely possible to change culture and conduct, it just takes a concerted effort.

      • Distant Observer

        I couldn’t agree with Janet more on this. This is one of the most horrific, crude and morally deplorable things I have ever read. For anyone to brush it off as “normal” just goes to show you the desperate state of our culture. Perhaps you are unwilling to admit its dark nature if you have shared such thoughts. Normal men don’t think those thing, and normal locker room banter should not consist of glorifying violent crimes like rape and murder. As a woman in today’s world, knowing this type of behavior exists on our campuses is a nightmare in the flesh. Women today face rape, assault, kidnapping, forced prostitution, human trafficking, and more. With that grim reality staring us in the face, no decent human being should stand to defend this type of behavior, or dismiss it so lightly. I can only hope that the administration, community, parents and citizens alike can work to bring this glorification of sexual violence to an end.

    • Xavier

      Actually, from the songs in that email, only YoHo (which is about consensual sex) and a very different version of limericks are in a song book that people (mostly who participate in marching band) sing about once a year. That song book is not at all associated with the GT Marching Band as an organization. Maybe you should look into that before spreading misinformation.

  • Georgia Tech Student

    Why was the Technique allowed to post such graphic content… When I come to Technique, I would like to be updated with the latest new, not scared for life.

    • Dane Kalejta

      No kidding. The Technique should never post anything above “G” rating, and should start billing itself as the “South’s Most Agreeable College Newspaper”.

    • Georgia Tech Student Too

      Why are Georgia Tech organizations allowed create and promote such graphic content? When I came to Tech I wanted to get a good education, not scared for life.

      • Name

        They weren’t allowed to…

    • Another Georgia Tech Student

      Because the truth must be exposed, no matter how terrible it is.

  • Mart

    Those lyrics are extremely brutal and glorifying violence, specifically sexual violence, against women. It takes a special kind of deranged person to come up with these ideas. All of the people involved with this need to be evaluated, I’d expect this from a serial killer, not a college student.

    • Jacket111

      I agree, this whole article really illustrates the pervasive “murder culture” at Tech and especially in fraternities. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had simulators where they killed female civilians and sex workers. Psychologist should look into what they do on their free time. If it wasn’t for the suspension it would only be a matter of time until their group devolved into a Charles Manson esque “family” and went on a homicidal rampage.

  • OpenYourEyes

    It would be one thing if this was an isolated only this frat and only at Tech. But the deal is this sort of frat thing happens on lots of campuses. It is not really a “Greek” culture as much as a fraternity culture. Just do some google searches and you will find email and rape and other incidents like this happen all over campus for frats. Joining a fraternity means you are okay with being associated with rape/treating women poorly.

    • ProfoundlyVagie

      With that kind of brilliant logic, I’m assuming you also believe a person who converts to Islam is okay with terrorism.

  • David Hoover

    Coming from someone in Greek life, I’m glad they’re gone.

  • OnceAgainGDI

    My short-lived experience with fraternities suggest that they will always condone this sort of behavior, and even encourage it. With the exception of the “more school-oriented” fraternities, they all try to mimic the same hazing/rape/cult culture that can be found at every SEC school. Underage drinking/drugs aside, there is an unsettling group dynamic that exists within these organizations, hidden behind the support of GT faculty.

  • Vincent VonFrankfurt IV

    Marry me Justin Beiber

  • anonymous

    Why would you post their traditions… It’s enough that they’ve been kicked off, let them limp off peacefully…

  • Lily Hofstra

    Would be better article if we knew a bit more about the history of the fraternity, what kind of guys they recruit, and so forth.

    • dubberee

      A very good question! Is it the stupid words of a few, handed to the administraation for whatever reason, or does it reflect the character of the young men who are members? Whos is asking that question?

      • sororitywoman

        I’ll admit that I asked the same question when the first email was released several months ago, but after reading this information I no longer care. These songs (and the one in particular) are maybe some of the most disgusting and disturbing things I have ever read, and it seems that all brothers were required to learn them for initiation or other various ceremonies.

        Any man who read the songs and did not immediately recoil from the organization is either dangerously disturbed or a coward. I cannot imagine reading this and saying to myself “this is definitely a group I want to associate myself with”. I used to feel sorry for the unnamed brothers of the fraternity who had “done nothing wrong”, but now knowing each and every one of them saw these songs and went along with the depravity, I pity none of them.

  • Gregory Macfarlane

    My undergrad school had no fraternities, and I generally don’t see what they contribute to the Institute. I know that this behavior is the exception rather than the rule, or we wouldn’t all be shocked to read about it in the technique. But it seems closing a frat house for a few years is kind of weak response. How many of these men have been dismissed from the Institute? I don’t need names, but if the issue is so pervasive a house must be closed, surely more than one or two students has lost the privilege of continuing here.

  • NotLoco

    Historically, the Greek movement was intended to build character in young men rather than destroy it. Sadly, this chapter of PKT has chosen to ignore the former and focus on the latter by glorifying drugs, drunkenness and mysogeny. The chapter meeting minutes display a blatant disregard for authority ( the police are coming…hide yo drugs ) that could only lead to criminal charges down the road when words ( -rape is good ) lead to actions. Better to have the house vacated before it is wrapped in crime-scene tape. (BSIM 1976)

  • obidiah_slope

    Sounds like the “Skull & Bones” …only they like sodomy not young virgins……Oh!…hang on.

  • WTFsn

    Wow, I’m just appalled after reading this. This is why you don’t join an organization like a fraternity because we know they’re pretty much infested with the typical douche-bag, “cool”, drunk, pot smoking dudes. Girls just ignore these idiots and let them be what they are; there are plenty of nice guys, who respect women, in Klaus or Van Leer. lol

    • gmo2ashes

      This isn’t an org for an education center …it’s an abomination …a ritual mantra for rape, abuse and murder …no doubt an ideology foisted upon our society and our children by the “Chosen Ones” that infects America today. An education and diploma these days means you have been formally brain washed to accept all manner of perversion and subservience to the chosen evil ones.

  • Brandon P

    I simply want to put my two cents in. As a member of the fraternity in question here, but from another chapter, we are appalled by what this chapter has been a part of lately. They are in no way an accurate representation of Greek life in America, and especially not Phi Kappa Tau. We would sooner see them lose any and all connections with us than ever even come close to somehow trying to justify this behavior. I believe in Phi Tau. But I do not believe in promoting rape culture, or the “frat” lifestyle. If you take an oath as a brother, you should live up to your promises.

  • gmo2ashes

    This isn’t an org for an education center …it’s an abomination …a ritual mantra for rape, abuse and murder …no doubt an ideology foisted upon our society and our children by the J E W PLAGUE that infects America today. An education and diploma today means you have been formally brain washed to accept all manner of perversion and subservience to the chosen evil ones.

  • YellowJacket1990

    As a member of a different fraternity on this campus, I too was appalled at the behaviour happening at Phi Tau. However, I would discourage some of the commenters on here from joining the bandwagon and assuming “that all fraternities breed and support this sort of behaviour, and thus should be banned.” It’s simply not true. Greek Life gives back to the community, builds leaders, provides support academically and emotionally. So, you see, there are a lot of positives to Greek Life. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to call it quits at Tech and move on. The guys in my fraternity helped me along the way, and got back on the saddle. Greek Life has been at Tech for 125 years and I would argue it’s provided a lot more good than harm over the years. We need to beef up education programmes, weed out the rotten eggs, and continue to encourage the original core missional values of our organization. Banning fraternities would be a scapegoat, because I assure you sexual violence is also prevalent in the non-Greek community. Let’s be rational about this, folks. The folks in the Greek Affairs office spend most of their days working to foster positive experiences in the Greek community and to help the Greek community intertwine with the overall Georgia Tech community. The change necessitated to fix these issues will take time, and I assure you it’s happening, otherwise Phi Tau would still be here.