Joe Murphy

About Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy is a second-year Computational Media major. His hobbies include playing soccer, overusing caps lock on Facebook, and being addicted to Game of Thrones, Falling Skies, and Parks and Recreation. He enjoys hanging out with everyone at the Technique, and hopes to one day work for Pixar and help create both Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2.


Words cannot express romance despite experienced cast

The first few weeks after the big-budgeted and action-packed summer blockbuster season can be a bit underwhelming in terms of content, and no film illustrates this fact better than The Words, released on Sept. 7. This drama, focusing on the consequences of a single lie and the lives that are changed as a result, promises to weave a tale of deception and heartache. It ultimately fails to leave much of an impression despite its experienced cast and intriguing premise.


Television’s new fall lineup has something for everyone

A feeling of restlessness has fallen across America as the fall television season approaches once again. Across the country audiences are eager to welcome back their favorite shows, from veteran comedies like The Office (which kicks off its final season at the end of the month) to classic dramas like NCIS. Amidst this time-worn lineup are shows that have yet to pass the gauntlet of their dreaded first seasons. Here are five new shows, both comedic and dramatic, that provide the best taste of what is to come this season.


Global Vibes Great Britain: Emeli Sandé glows with soul

London has been in the spotlight of the world’s stage this past month with all the triathlons, gymnastics and synchronized diving that has been going on. However, it seems that the Olympics are not the only thing the United Kingdom has to offer this year. With two hit singles topping the charts, a wide assortment of other songs and several performances on national television, Scottish singer and songwriter Emeli Sandé looks to be on her way to the top.